5 Innovative Leader Questions for 2011

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Whenever I teach Executive MBA Leadership or Organizational Management courses, the brightest students ask why so few leaders facilitate innovation for a new era. Failure to inspire innovative minds, or clinging to leadership ruts that sunk our yesteryears can only keep universities in crisis, and do little to boost business. It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Expect the workplace in 2011 to change drastically,  based on innovative use of brain facts to resolve toxic 2010 myths. Watch innovation stir up tsunami level challenges to wipe out stagnation in the coming year. It’s a good thing some leaders rise to creative challenges, as innovation leads parts of a broken globe back to cutting edges lost in 2010.

Here are five key questions innovative leaders will chase in 2011:

1.  How do you build innovative workplaces when daily toxins kill creativity?

Employees and leaders alike bend under the strain of toxic workplaces where cynicism kills innovation, and the brightest often get left behind. There are many reasons why cynics add toxins that poison innovation at work. Most workers get hit with stress daily, while taught few mental skills to cope. It’s not long before deadly hits take their toll on any group. Brain based tactics,  such as banking serotonin can turn this around,  in settings that engage good questions as an entry point and apply smart skills for change.

2. Why do some talented workers disengage rather than create or invent?

Entrepreneurs show us all how to move innovation forward ethically with more intelligences in the mix at work. Stagnant workplaces crack under the weight of current downturns because they leave too many innovative brains behind. Draw on more brainpower across diverse races and watch innovative visions spike! Engage both genders more in innovative projects and expect talented outcomes rise from both more and women.

3. How can creative communication tactics boost incentive and productivity?

Rather than creative book keeping that inflates the bottom line and prospers a few at the top, instead take another look at what others hear in your words at work. Tone’s stockpiled tools for productivity could transform your next project in brilliant ways. Tone adds to talented results and adds to organizational growth in tough times.

4. How do innovative minds grow dollars from dimes in economic downturns?

Discuss with colleagues how innovative millionaires tend to radically reconfigure both money and minds. Then program in one or two tips from the experts, to tilt brainpower in the direction of significant profitability where you work. Ask even one 2-footed question – and others around you will offer winning tactics in response.

5. How could your firm generate more innovative solutions than ruts or problems?

Question broken systems with solutions in mind.  For instance, you possess brain parts to either sink into ruts or swim with new practices that roll out winning innovations.

What questions will you chase to add innovation that jettisons your organization out of ruts and into creative brainpower for 2011?

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3 thoughts on “5 Innovative Leader Questions for 2011

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  2. Stuart Patton

    As usual Ellen always thought provoking…….
    For me innovation means not being concerned with failure, view failure as a stepping stone to success, experience gained, new knowledge created . The alternative is to view failure as a step to no where never to be tried again. This approach needs a change in mind set, and culture, how about we develop the courage in 2010 to take more RISK’s and break out a little from the systemization…..

    Maybe we can encourage RISK as…Re-establish Inventive Streams of Knowledge, make it a positive action of teams not a negative thought of management, take a medium term view not a short term view.

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