Focus on Funds for Downfall – Focus on Innovation for Growth

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Does your organization speak more about innovation than money matters? Do leaders where you work encourage  risk-taking for the sake of invention? Or do people slip into lockdown mode – where change initiatives get imprisoned by hard-line barriers of fear or stress?

Focus on Funds for Downfall

When recession first hit my area, most leaders demanded lower expenses from their employees and then tossed higher prices at clients to cover any loss. Wegmans food chain did the opposite.

Food prices lowered to help struggling customers, and new stores opened to satisfy unique needs of new markets. The result?

People flocked to Wegmans because they recognized risks taken to advance customers outranked cautions taken to save money. The human brain builds neuron pathways toward attaining more of what you focus on, while leaders who focus on money, often act against real riches that come with risking innovation, as Wegmans discovered.

Would you take more risks to advance past recession’s ruts, if you discovered brain facts that supported why money makes you unhappy anyway?

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