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Sam Serotonin is a bit like watching a miracle drug at work, when situations blow up and he creates calm.   At times called a molecule of happiness, serotonin is far more than that in any workplace when even one person engages its power.

Sam’s mental chemicals often add focus and higher problem solving skills to transform any ordinary day. How so?

  • On the golf course, Sam gets finer hits to the green.
  • In relationships, he scores more allies.
  • When sleeping, Sam enters better rest.
  • In leadership, Sam attracts more support.
  • At work, he offers innovation solutions.

Interestingly, recent research shows serotonin as more of a choice than once thought. It’s also true that Sam comes with mixed levels, and that workplace events over any day can raise or lower his natural serotonin supplies.

Lesser known, however, is the fact that serotonin and other natural drugs are more a fuel choice. Calm is far less dependent on daily events that go well, and stress does not overtake Sam, simply because the chips are down. That’s not surprising if you observe Sam’s daily laughter or the way he cares.  Because of higher serotonin levels he’s able to give or lead well, in spite of tough times. Sam learns to access serotonin in good and bad times.

Here are a few power punch enablers that serotonin offers Sam:

  1. He possess naturally about 5 to 10 mg of the chemical as a human.
  2. Serotonin is 90% within Sam’s intestines.
  3. The hormone’s additional 10% surges through Sam’s blood and brain.
  4. Serotonin’s neurotransmitter roles regulate Sam’s: sleep; memory; appetite; learning; cardiovascular functions; moods; muscle contraction; temperature.
  5. Sam increases serotonin through foods such as milk, plums, pineapples, turkey, and bananas, as they add amino acid called tryptophan for manufacturing natural serotonin.
  6. Neurons in the brain release Sam’s serotonin, and the levels of release impact many of his workplace behaviors.
  7. Low serotonin levels can cause Sam anxiety, fear, self-pity, insomnia, stress, and depression.
  8. Certain drugs, such as Prozac, and even LSD will mimic serotonin in Sam’s brain.

Brainpower will increase when Sam raises his serotonin levels in natural ways, and without drugs – simply by choosing to do so. Can you see why serotonin is deemed his brain’s miracle drug.

There’s more good news yet for Sam. Each time he chooses to raise his serotonin levels, he literally rewires his brain’s plasticity to cultivate more brain benefits on a regular basis. Sound like a winning deal for Sam? If so, how will you raise your own and fellow worker’s serotonin today?

Few people would refuse tangible offerings for higher brainpower, yet far fewer see themselves as Sam does – building brainpower through serotonin taps given to others. How so?

Check out Sam’s common serotonin brain builders below and then add one or two to your circle in the coming week. Do stop back to tell us brainpower benefits you noticed.

1. To Sam, the golfer, a serotonin tap may be a small bag of nuts with a few yogurt covered peanuts tossed in,  and given to fellow golfers on the 1st tee. Ask at the 9th hole – how your serotonin tap impacted scores for the game. Nuts turbo charge Sam’s golfing brainpower.

2. To cranky leaders, Sam’s serotonin tap may be simply a smile and a few encouraging words. Each time he emulates good tone tools, he helps others to rewire mentally for more of the same. Sam moves tone into action by modeling its strengths and in that way sets the mental stage for newly inspired insights from multiple intelligences.

3. To Sam’s aging neighbors, Sam’s serotonin tap may be a challenge to remove barriers and add opportunities for newly discovered adult brain cell regeneration. Many people yearn for Sam’s kind of youth because they still believe common myths that adult brains cannot grow new cells or regenerate old ones. Sam’s new neuro discoveries challenge seniors to age voraciously rather than retire graciously.

4. To Sam’s unemployed friend, a serotonin tap may be a survey to highlight hidden or unused intelligences. Inquiring minds spark more working memory which is less available to those who settle for old or  revert to ruts that shape old socks.

5. To Sam’s burned out peers, a serotonin tap might be suggestions about how sleep choices are vital. Or it could be a few tips about how to renew with the brain in mind.

Sam finds far more serotonin taps in brainpowered workplaces, while far more cortisol shots tend to exacerbate his problems and leave him struggling in toxic seas of cynics. Luckily, through newly discovered neuro tactics, Sam and the rest of us can improve brainpower and add hope to circles we frequent. You?

Of course, Sam can able to Samantha Sarotonin, as neither gender has the dibbs on serotonin. Stay tuned, as Ryan Right-Brain makes he debut next.

Looking for strategies that activate serotonin boosts or attain social and emotional skills for learning and leading?

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8 thoughts on “Work with Sam Serotonin?

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  2. eweber Post author

    Wally – you may run short on almonds my friend – but you never run short on a good laugh!!! now that’s serotonin to the peaks:-) and we all benefit. Thanks for leading the way!

  3. eweber Post author

    Jeanne, thanks for that vote of confidence. To be sure — it’s because I have the honor of interacting with keen leaders like you that I continue to look for ways to say what’s useful in ways that allow leaders to converse and improves what we do to benefit wider communities.

    Brain based approaches do that and so they keep me motivated to help it happen. Thanks for the encouragement – we can do this together!

  4. Jeanne Male

    Ellen, you’ve done it again! Your ability to explain these very important and potentially confusing topics in such a compelling and concise way is the epitome of great teaching. Thanks for sharing your gift and your knowledge.

  5. eweber Post author

    Wow Brad thanks for your kind words. It seems to me that with so many wonderful facts coming out about human brains, that folks should have the joy of living those in some way. And with toxic workplaces becoming a premium, and profitability falling – we need to know tactics to turn that around. The brain is yielding its secrets in just the right time:-)

    Brad, what I do with words you do so very well with art and cartooning! May your own fine art circle back today for a genuine serotonin tap in ways that prosper!

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