Motivation Fuels Leader Brainpower

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People tend to label me self-disciplined because I often work long days. A more accurate description, as I see it though, is that I’m highly motivated. Do people see you as inspired by what you do?

Motivation Fuels Leader Brainpower

What a privilege to work in renewal, with Dr. Robyn McMaster and other top innovative leaders from all over the world. And since the brain based strategies I use daily – are proven to get higher motivation and achievement,  it makes sense that I stay intrinsically motivated to work longer hours. Emphasis on intrinsic which is built-in and runs like ever-ready  batteries. The kind that causes you to whistle while you work.

The surprising fact about extrinsic motivation, Daniel Pink states in his new book, Drive, is that it takes your focus off productivity. Research shows how groups offered money took longer to complete interesting tasks, than those who did the same work for no reward.

For Pink, motivation comes intrinsically. In MITA the same is true – only with a difference.  Brain based approaches to leading are proven to raise motivation.

Motivation at the MITA Brain Center works especially well for a fast changing 21st Century economy – in 3 ways:

  1. Your talents transform into workplace tools to take unique approaches to the same peaks that highly successful people reach
  2. Innovative strategies design solutions from multiple intelligences developed daily as you work.
  3. Projects cultivate ongoing curiosity for growth, through chasing after the question – Where to from here?

These three motivation approaches have opened segues for MITA work recently in Europe, China, Canada, Caribbean, Chile, Canada, Mexico, High Arctic – and here in the US.

Where will motivation take you today?

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