MITA Brain Renewal for Leading and Learning

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What makes MITA renewal so different from  multiple intelligence theory  and evidence based learning theory that make it up?

Thanks to Dr. Robyn McMaster‘s masterful handiwork with cameras and talented online solutions, we’re able to carry on the MITA renewal conversation that we engage in many countries and among delightfully diverse cultures.  Thanks for the way many of you  share your own renewal stories with us –  through  diverse stories, and through your use of MITA’s brain based approaches, we’ll continue to create new pathways for change together.

Based on a unique manifesto for using more brainpower,  MITA has been proven at PhD levels in several countries – to bring higher motivation and achievement to all learners.  The model owes much to 15 cutting edge change models out there, and especially to multiple intelligence theory, and Dr. Howard Gardner’s personal encouragement over many years.

Here at the MITA International Brain Center participants expect neuron pathways to dynamic solutions that leave no brains behind. It’s five phases formed an invited article in Singapore, through it’s use of problem based learning, and several other journals link it to authentic learning, inquiry, and discovery and brain based learning.

Many excellent approaches harnessed together in the MITA approach, trump one-only-versions – and many brains pulling together add power to one. Leaders of change for improvement can all inspire or create unique offerings to innovative enterprises our nation and world craves. The chief role of MITA’s 5 steps is to help learners accomplish things never before accomplished by using parts of the brain never before used. It also evaluates and tracks progress to ensure that happens.

Working together through people’s wider array of intelligences, we’ll begin to reconfigure our broken systems with lasting improvements. Imagine what expert collaboration could build to develop talents with the brain in mind at work, and you’ve already begun the thrilling journey we so enjoy here at MITA’s International Renewal Center, and in many parts of the world.

What do you do to spark motivation and ignite achievement where you learn or lead?

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4 thoughts on “MITA Brain Renewal for Leading and Learning

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  3. eweber Post author

    Robyn, many thanks for the way you came on board to help improve this work with your unique talents, generosity, and collaboration. It’s now become an “extended conversation” through all your encouragement, help and support. It renews me daily – no wonder it’s helping others to renew. I’m forever indebted.

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