Mindful Leader Series 1 – Hamel’s Management

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Could Gary Hamel’s reconfigured management carry our world from rags of broken banks back to riches of human achievement?  Hamel’s blog may be Wall Street’s answer to an innovative future for management, but perhaps more importantly, he’s main street’s surest segue to creative progress.

Live for WBF09 Hamel makes some brilliant inroads for reconnecting to humans and to innovation through technology, management,  social media, and institutional change. How so?

In Hamel’s words:

To succeed in the future, organizations are going to have to find ways of energizing people, so that they bring not only their skills, expertise and diligence to work, but they bring their passion and their initiative as well.

Do you agree?

One management problem yet to be addressed by Gary Hamel, however,  is the narrowing gates to resources.  Innovation is tenaciously blocked by bureaucrats with power, or dismissed by politicians without vision of  innovation’s new roles for humanity.

Caught in hierarchies where vision fades to the right or draws to the left, but rarely reaches progressive greens, Hebbian leaders tend to prevent innovation‘s steady trajectory toward future wins.

Opposite innovative leaders, stand Hebbian counterparts,  who appear unable to renew with the brain in mind, and incapable to override the brain’s default to ruts. What’s the solution?

Imagine the active place innovation would leap to within a facilitation style leadership:

  1. Seasoned journalists and talented bloggers could rebuild media‘s image together, because main stream newspapers would open to rather than hinder collaborative possibilities.
  2. Renewed experts would build creative learning communities to mark the death of education and celebrate the dawn of learning.
  3. Entrepreneurs would be sought after and fairly remunerated to assist stagnant corporations reboot from broken brainpower to creative inventions at work.
  4. Kindness and genuine care would replace intellectual cutthroats arrogance that comes disguised as concern, shrouded in statistics, and hidden behind a smile.
  5. Life-changing answers and ongoing renewal would emerge from progressive innovators who plan together for a brainpower boom, rather than leave firms to languish in stress that comes from stubborn problems without solutions.

If organizational gates still yield to greed of a few, arrogance of Hebbian thinking, or broken bureacracies, then Hamel’s management innovation will also require the kind of refreshing creativity where no brain is left behind. What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Mindful Leader Series 1 – Hamel’s Management

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  2. Stuart Patton

    You make some very important points here Ellen, and I am on the same page with you.

    The one general comment I will make is that if business leaders continue to put all their focus on the short term bottom line, at the expense of the long term innovation line, nothing will change.

    The only constant we have these days is change, the real issue is the rate of change. With what we now know about the brain, and the massive potential we now have to work on innovations in a collaborative and open way, and if we actually did this everywhere, I would be more confident we could solve a lot of the major problems we are facing.

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