5 Words for Wise Leadership

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Some say wisdom’s locked securely inside sacred books. Others claim the wise represent  few folks only after lifelong struggles. I say wisdom’s a bit like hitching your wagon to a distant star.

It tethers the best leaders’ abilities,  looks to lofty visions beyond self, and  uses shared talents to trek to the top. It  asks How can I support you? to a gimme generation, yet refuses to settle for more of the status quo.

Wisdom’s less a matter of chasing opportunities daily, or enduring an entire lifetime of tough times, and more about celebrating wonder daily. It’s opposite social media abusers who shout  – Come to my  site to stoke my ego more, and similar to winners who build irresistible alliances. It shapes top global ventures,  colors a rainbow – and stirs  stimulating opportunities into an ordinary day.  How so?

5 words that equip the wise, can also add refreshing tools to help you blaze new leadership trails for decisions you look to make:

  • HOW – cultivates curiosity, opens your mind, and prepares you to be surprised by joy.
  • CAN –creates new neuron pathways toward mental ability to do well, grow and win.
  • I – invites personal brain cell connections to  feet and wings ready to launch an idea.
  • SUPPORT –offers service to another person in wise ways that close in on a star.
  • YOU – suggests a stretch beyond your current stance to suggest solutions for a wider reach.

What question unlocks mystery for finer wisdom in your community?

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

9 thoughts on “5 Words for Wise Leadership

  1. eweber Post author

    Thanks for the kind words – Pete – sounds like your own philosophy too 🙂 and I agree it really does work, while inspiring the rest of us.

    For one thing – you find amazing talents that emerge – which otherwise tend to remain hidden or unused in the more traditional gimme approach. Nice start to any caring community – that offers hope to rebuild broken parts of our culture:-) Great to see you stop by:-)

  2. Pete Wendel

    What a great, simple approach. Expresses openness and a willingness to help, to ‘meet them where they are’ instead of trying to sell my ideas, my approach to a disinterested party.

    Just asking the question creates the an opportunity for a productive dialogue.

  3. eweber Post author

    Mike you have packed in here the stuff of building a wise and caring community. Another reminder in my own day to ensure I am asking — How can I support You?

    Love your notion of a reciprocal value of support.

    Please do keep and use this quote — “Once a leader support their team in doing great things the team does great things, which enforces the leaders position and ability to continue to supply the support and resources.”

    I plan to use it (and to assign its origin to your wisdom) because it also describes the wise approach to move from hierarchy into roundtables where wisdom can germinate and become reality in more cases that we typically see between leaders and others. A winning concept and with so many possibilities to help renew organizations!

  4. eweber Post author

    Thanks for the idea Robyn:-). It could have been that lovely, and generous symbol my Chinese colleagues gave me for a new name – when we were in China! Wow – I hadn’t thought of that – and again I am reminded that we really need to see the nuances of fellow brains to move a wise day forward! Great inspiration to launch our exciting work today – couldn’t do it without you!

  5. michael cardus

    How can I support You?
    This focus also creates support of the leaders. Creating a reciprocal value of support. Once a leader support their team in doing great things the team does great things, which enforces the leaders position and ability to continue to supply the support and resources.
    The challenge is for the staff to accept the support and utilize it in a healthy manner.

  6. Robyn McMaster

    Ellen, your question, “How Can I Support You,” seems like an excellent segue to develop relationships with people around the globe. Since you ask it genuinely people rethink their own approaches.

    Did you use the symbol for your the name given to you by our Chinese friends?

  7. eweber Post author

    Thanks for your kind words, Mike – as wisdom has always been intriguing to me. Both the kind we read and the kind we live:-) In my Master program I wrote a 75 page research paper under the title, “What is Wisdom and Where does it Dwell?” At the end of the paper – I still had more questions that wisdom:-).

    Not sure of the symbols – but there must be some somewhere. I’ll look – Ok?

  8. Mike Kirkeberg

    Ellen, enjoyed the article. Wise leadership is not so easy to come by.
    Question: Are symbols like the one you used on this post available somewhere?

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