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Join Brain Leaders and Learners on October 6 and 7 and become part of the live blog from Radio City Music Hall, New York City.  Ask 2-footed questions, and tell us what’s on your mind that links to speakers’ topics.

Along with a hub of 30 invited bloggers I’ll share news, pass along insights and mix in refreshing tools for mindful leading in a global recession. Keep up to date with top world thinkers, at this site, and be sure to jump in with your own additions, or leadership strengths.

Organized and hosted by HSM Americas, this gathering of about 5000 top executives will shape Global topics with future innovative opportunities. Who are they?

2009 World Business Forum Lineup:

PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON – Embracing our Common Humanity

PAUL KRUGMAN – The Future of the Global Economy

JACK WELCH – Execution

GEORGE LUCAS – A Conversation with George Lucas

GARY HAMEL – Management Innovation

IRENE ROSENFELD – Leading Transformational Change

JEFFREY SACHS – Economics for a Crowded Planet

T. BOONE PICKENS – A Conversation on Energy Dependence

PATRICK LENCIONI – Building Winning Teams

BILL CONATY – Talent Management

DAVID RUBENSTEIN – Global Economic Crisis

ANTOINE VAN AGTMAEL – International Insights

MORRIS CHANG – International Insights – Taiwan

FRANCISCO GONZALEZ – International Insights – Spain

ROGER AGNELLI – International Insights – Brazil

PETER VOSER – International Insights


DENNIS NALLY – International Insights

Like me, you’ll be highly impressed with HSM Americas and their lofty vision for a finer world. It will take people like you and me though,  to carry a new leader’s torch for a hope that brings reality into sharper mental focus.  Can we do it?

Hope you will join the action with Brain Leaders and Learners, when we blog live in NYC with 30 invited bloggers at the World Business Forum 2009 at Radio City Hall on October 6 and 7!

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