Yikes – Accreditation Clobbers Innovation!

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Why do organizations postpone winning growth initiatives to accommodate compliance demands?

Leaders complain they can’t implement any new anything – as if reviewers reward only ruts, routines and rigid rules.

Yikes – Accreditation Clobbers Innovation!

Supervisors who vow they’ll return to consider innovations, if they survive accreditation, miss the point of both innovation and compliance.

The opposite is also true. Organizations who comply with demanding standards, and boost brainpower to advance – tend to  invest in 5 creative keys:

  • Identify accreditation requirements. Display essentials under review in positive light. Then create strategies to adopt each  mandate as an asset, not an extra. Create the bigger picture in this way,  and spatial intelligence kicks in.  When your brain make sense of essential details –  you are ready to design dynamic strategies. Tools to implement accreditation demands as higher dividends all around. Rather than cut back on innovation, you simply prepare the way to embrace winning strategies.
  • Enlist a facilitator who’ll mix required-to-dos into a delightful toss of methods that workers enjoy. People come to work daily with a unique mix of intelligences that can sharpen skills to apply new demands to their workplace. Skilled facilitators draw from a wider array of talents,  so people begin to  integrate  both the mandates to be applied and the strategies required to apply them well.
  • Gather  insights for application. Emphasize suggestions that  show how required dictates can become novel solutions to stubborn organizational problems.  Simply stated, encourage people to look at problems with solutions in mind, in order to use new dictates to help rejuvenate the workplace through sharing different views to address any problems encountered as you meet requirements together.
  • Refuse to play oppressor or victim cards.  Resist roles where some issue orders and others must comply or be fired. Mental gridlock comes to oppressors and victims – while brainpower rises for innovative leaders who take risks, generate  trust, and design renewed systems with transparency.  Reduce harmful workplace toxins such as cortisol, and you also help people to embrace new requirements.
  • Reward creative excellence that that integrates workplace talent with new mandates. It’s no surprise that the serotonin which comes from appreciation-  can also fuel refreshing innovations. Creative strategies that result will  enable organizational mandates to be implemented without stress or cynicism. Not surprisingly, the opposite to rewarding and thanking people for their creative genius in any change situation – is to whine and complain about the hardships of withstanding accreditation.

The key to innovative application of any organizational mandate is to enhance what people already do well, reward new initiatives, and use innovative strategies to implement the compliance essentials so that both employees and the organization benefit.  Have you seen it work well for all?

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