Hidden Traps Undo Brainpower

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When you rev up mental equipment daily to either sink or swim, you discover how creativity and curiosity will trump criticism and intimidation. How then can you experience mental power in settings where no brain is left behind?

One friend and fellow leader Dave Caiazza, put it this way:

Work against the dangerous twins of jealousy and hypocrisy. They come disguised as concern, shrouded in statistics, and hidden behind a smile. When you’re good at something, there will always be someone who wants to undo you. Don’t let them.

Here are a few brain based tactics to succeed in spite of  bullies and cynics:

1. Awaken more intrapersonal intelligence for a brain powered climate and invite leaders to do the same.

2. Respond to confrontations by snipping your amygdala before you snipe back too soon and regret words spoken.

3. Spot opportunities within broken systems – those few small openings to join with like minded leaders who risk riding renewal’s surf.

4. Relate neuro discoveries to enhance personal actions when conflict strikes and angel or devil parts of your brain battle for supremacy.

5. Offer mental  olive branches for people who disagree with your position, and then move on without forcing agreement from that person.

6. Hone brainpower tools to extend peace rather than promote war whenever unpredictable battles begin.

7. Suggest simplicity that adds intelligence to remove the mental clutter and reboot ethical practices with dividends for all.

8. Avoid hidden traps of cynicism by building good tone skills that open new gateways for all to speak and feel heard.

9. Brainstorm solutions with innovative peers rather than join in with naysayers who toss toxins into the mental mix.

10. Activate, encourage and develop mental equipment that is rarely found among the tragic traits of a cynic.

Leaders allow bullies to invade circles daily, whenever they do little and thereby empower bullies to do lots.  Or walk into any toxic workplace to see how a cynic’s damage destroys brainpower for healthy relationships, performance, or profitability. Have you seen it?

Fortunately though, newly discovered mental tools offer choices that prevent disaster and inspire brain powered climates through facilitation where new neuron pathways still lead to dynamic intelligences.

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2 thoughts on “Hidden Traps Undo Brainpower

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