Lehman News – Another One Hits the Bust

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Who could predict that yet another Wall Street rock-like leaderLehman, would shatter today’s news with losses too big to recover? Sadly, another one hits the bust, and Wall Street is said to standby stymied, staring down defeat in response. What’s your response?

Surprising, financial busts offer an ideal setting for leaders to build new brainpower for victory before failure shuts the final doors. The cost? With one new approach, life-changing lessons can begin to improve your future – and you can sidestep seemingly inevitable financial flops.  It takes regular change using one or two novel approaches,  to rewire for ongoing growth.

Rejuvenate your brain’s plasticity for a ringer event by adding an epiphany urgency that tosses adventure into your work today. Rather than slip into Wall Street’s apparent loss of confidence, rewire for winning action. How so?

The human brain is capable of rewiring itself far more than once thought. The process, called plasticity, calls for the opposite of repetition. opens a natural pathway forward and is created by a few moves that recharge the frontal sections of your brain. Just as too many daily routines,  can lead to inactive frontal lobes, and prevent you from making good choices, the opposite is also true. It happened here at the MITA Center recently.

We brainstormed new ways to continue working with top leaders, without added expenses of so much travel. Here at MITA Brain Based Center,  our brains default quickly to travel,  since regular flights fit naturally our usual routines. It’s been that way for years.

Can you see how adding new stimuli related to the brain at work will carry you beyond common roadbloacks,  and jettison you to new wealth that remains hidden to less flexible leaders?

What one new growth opportunity will you focus on today to improve your fortune?

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