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Imagine a climate of peace, with humility that inspires, and people who recognize talents, and you’ve just begun to awaken intrapersonal intelligence. Build healthy relationships that shape character, and your brain cultivates new neuron pathways toward spirit and highest values such as caring in your character and in others. Or trust that turned LA’s most troubled secondary school into one of its best. Have you experienced it?

It prevents bullying, removes fear and transforms toxic workplaces. It discourages cynicism, encourages people to live and lead with respected values, as it unifies a community through strategies of excellence. It builds goodwill applied with simplicity, that adds intelligence, humility and confidence.

Some call Intrapersonal intelligence learned common sense because you intuitively cultivate values and learn from teachable moments.  Whatever it’s named, do you intrapersonally inspire others to renew ethically with the brain in mind?

Values are awakened in intrapersonal intelligence through strategies that inspire kindness, listening, compassion, and care. It starts with respect for the dignity of each person, regardless of race or background, and ends with building goodwill among those who disagree.

Your intrapersonal intelligence stores equipment to cultivate values and live morally or spiritually.  Ethical practices, when lived, literally rewire the brain for more positive character traits.  Values practiced in everyday settings inspire mental habits for care in the wider community through mirror neurons. When you speak or live higher values you also create a climate of peace and safety where others tend to cultivate character. That’s how the human brain works.

Rarely accidental – values build character if embedded in positive cultural change initiatives. Facilitate ethical renewal through keynote speakers that inspire cultivation of specific values, personal growth plans, bullying intervention tactics, leadership for character development, and motivational tools that transform destructive behaviors into positive performance strategies. Growth tends to follow those who build consensus for traits valued, and then compete for evidence of quality in personal or group practices. Have you seen it?

In a nutshell, character development includes, respect, kindness, honesty, social justice, service, and other intrapersonal smart skills championed by people of all faiths and cultures. Ethical acts awaken brainpower whenever a person links intrapersonal intelligence to lived values.  Acts that give direction to gifts of character, also tend to discourage toxins of cynics.

In MITA Brain Institutes character development is cultivated by building what Dr. Nel Noddings refers to as the ethics of caring communities. Brain based character building includes ethics cultivated in governing circles to ensure that virtue inspires all participants to learn and lead ethically. With the brain in mind, you investigate solutions to problems and at the same time cultivate virtue in yourself and others toward caring but challenging circles.

How does your workplace cultivate commonly held values and facilitate character building?

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49 thoughts on “Values for Brain Powered Climate

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  7. linda jackson

    a child that has been instilled with bad values will grow up thinking and believing it is the right way to be, only because it is the only way he knows. so he would not have to think twice about whats wrong or right because he was only taught that one way.

  8. linda jackson

    lack of values is not only what is picked up by children from adults or by people who are our mentors, but i think that when a child is in the womb, the mother could be going through a tough time because of violence, verbal and or physical abuse and this in turn is what the child is picking up also feeling. there is something lacking within the brain.

  9. linda jackson

    good values are learned through our teachings and also by others doings. i believe we receive certain feelings when we make the choice of right and wrong. if you make a wrong choice the body feels it through the brain and this can take a toll on our bodies and break us down and that is where sickness comes from. everyday we make choices wheather they are right or wrong, our brains get a good workout daily.

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  24. eweber Post author

    Robyn, as I reflect on your thoughtful words here, I agree that ego precludes ethical and value-laden actions. Great reason to let go of personal agitations for the bigger prize – value laden life!

    It’s said that those who learn and grow from mistakes are more successful and it makes sense from a brain perspective. Hmmm – lots to chew on for a great week ahead!


  25. Robyn McMaster

    Ellen, perhaps much of ethics and value can be summed up in humility, since when we let go of our own ego, we begin to see needs and care for others.

    Vulnerability is important, too. We all make mistakes and have weaknesses, even top leaders. So these two traits impact everything else we do.

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