2 Footed Questions Lead Change

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Spot any gaps in your life, where  adventure leaks out like water trickles through a sieve?

Your brain’s working memory leads you to spot faulty traditions at work, or to see speed bumps that slow down progress in your day. But there’s more to change than finding flaws.

For instance,  two-footed questions can catapult you beyond bureaucracy’s boredom into Einstein-like-curiosity. Vibrant answers often raise a group’s IQ and open opportunities to advance, simply because you posed a challenge. How so?

Einstein enlisted curiosity through questions that jump start multiple intelligences and so can you. Perhaps questions below that led change for others, will also prime your mental chase for a finer approach. Could the following two-footed questions, add adventure to improve your day?

What question could compel curiosity into your day and lead ethical changes for a paradigm shift, or even one renewed practice?

These whole brain questioning tools at secondary, college and beyond help learners to form teams, complete projects, test prep, raise character, write well, interview peers and experts, and analyze.

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

4 thoughts on “2 Footed Questions Lead Change

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  3. eweber Post author

    Brad, that makes my day, because it’s a terrific day when we can laugh! See – your comment has me laughing too! Oh, and of course humor opens gates to learning just as 2-footed questions do – so we’re both covered. make it a great day, Brad!

  4. Brad Shorr

    Ellen, It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon and I’m not in a frame of mind to ponder your fascinating questions, but I had to tell you how much I love the image you selected for your post! Has me laughing out loud!

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