Renewal Races Teens to the Top

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Will President Obama’s $4 billion incentive for school reform help teens use more robust brainpower to reach their real potential? Not every teen will win the title world’s best brain as Julia Chartrove won at the International Brain Research Organization. Yet all can draw on more brainpower to reach higher motivation and achievement. It may mean starting a blog as an approach to teach.  It’s what turned LA’s most troubled secondary school into one of its best.

Will this new competition for government grants offer teens that race to the top, where higher motivation and achievement offer tangible dividends? Check out these videos for a few of top races near the peaks.

Renewal benefits teens:

Many years in secondary school and university renewal still teaches me that ongoing renewal starts with learners, engages a full range of capabilities, and evaluates with intelligence-fair tests. Could it happen for teens you know?

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Altering direction for secondary school renewal – Race to the top Aug 17 – 21st  MITA Brain Institute here.

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