Serotonin Taps Build Brainpower

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Few people refuse tangible offerings for higher brainpower, yet far fewer see themselves building brainpower through serotonin taps given. You?

Check out common serotonin brain builders below and then add one or two to your circle in the coming week. Do stop back to tell us brainpower benefits you noticed.

1. To a golfer, a serotonin tap may be a small bag of nuts with a few yogurt covered peanuts tossed in,  and given on the 1st tee. Ask at the 9th hole – how your serotonin tap impacted scores for the game. Nuts can turbo charge a golfer’s brainpower.

2. To cranky leaders, a serotonin tap may be simply a smile and a few encouraging words. Each time you emulate good tone tools, you help others to rewire mentally for more of the same. Move tone into action by modeling its strengths and you set the mental stage for newly inspired insights from multiple intelligences.

3. To aging neighbors, a serotonin tap may be a challenge to remove barriers and add opportunities for newly discovered adult brain cell regeneration. Many people yearn for youth because they still believe common myths that adult brain cannot grow new cells or regenerate old ones. New neuro discoveries challenge seniors to age voraciously rather than retire graciously.

4. To unemployed friend, a serotonin tap may be a survey to highlight hidden or unused intelligences. Inquiring minds spark more working memory which is less available to those who settle for old or  revert to ruts that shape old socks.

5. To burned out peers, a serotonin tap might be suggestions about how sleep choices are vital. Or it could be a few tips about how to renew with the brain in mind.

You’ll likely find far more serotonin taps in brainpowered workplaces, while far more cortisol shots tend to exacerbate problems in toxic seas of cynics. Luckily, through newly discovered neuro tactics,  you can improve brainpower and add hope to circles you frequent.

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10 thoughts on “Serotonin Taps Build Brainpower

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  5. Suzanna Beth Stinnett

    I am experiencing a tangible rise in brain energy after reading this post, taking a moment to sit back and absorb it, and noting the pure excitement of the information you have laid out! I want to go to every link in the post, and that may raise a tiny bit of cortisol as it seems impossible to take it all in. What Robyn noted about giving the taps to others is so enriching. When I teach on Monday night, I will bring nuts for the attendees to munch as we are beginning. I hope to see a higher level of energy in the second hour, when people are usually lagging.
    We are so fortunate to have your input.
    Suzanna Stinnett

  6. eweber Post author

    So true Robyn, you raised the key (yet often unknown) fact of serotonin passing! It flows benefits into the brain of the user – and that is the magic of this natural drug!

  7. Robyn McMaster

    Just another note, giving serotonin taps throughout a day does so much more for my own outlook than I can begin to describe here. I get lots of serotonin myself, just from giving the taps to others.

  8. Robyn McMaster

    Ellen, I had some of those yogurt covered nuts last time we golfed and though they may have helped my brainpower, I can’t say they helped my waistline. 😉

  9. eweber Post author

    Wally, your leadership tends to inspire others through serotonin taps on a regular basis. In that depth lies it core of strength as I’ve observed it! Thanks right back friend!

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