Valentine Revolution?

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What if Valentine’s Day brought a sturdier and more sustainable love to all of us? Imagine a world where wars paused to make room for genuine care and kindness expressed in social justice, for instance. We could start a Valentine revolution, that shifts our focus from sneers to smiles. Imagine the enormous boost from a divided world to a caring global community! It starts with each of us.

Ever wonder why we all know so much about hatred, fear, anxiety and frustration, and so little about the miracles of grace and love as our lived experience? 

No question, it would take stepping ahead with grace as a lifestyle more than simply carting it around like a belief system. It would extend ongoing invitations to practice love and kindness as strengths, rather than marginalize them as weaker or softer options.

It would call our intellects and hearts into an amygdala melding that ignited kinder moods for ourselves and others.

We’d grow a mindset that refused to feed on judgements and that liberated our daily practices with life, love and laughter!

In our world of endless wars such a valentine-like-love could revolutionize us all into movements that replaced oppression and domination with grace as a practice,  and generosity as a gift to all humanity. We’d likely remind ourselves that God does not love us because we are good. Instead God helps us to be better because of loving us through grace, which is really love without conditions.