People Skills That Poke Our Fitness and Faith

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To say we have good people skills is to say we like people, express kindness, feel empathy, and care deeply about humanity. We tend to put others first and feel less self-pity when we are not served well.

People skills come in varying degrees within our social or interpersonal IQ. We used to think our IQ is fixed. We now know that people skills such as empathy, also grow with use and improve with practice. God’s grace helps us to sustain and remain faithful and kind in our genuine care for humanity. It allows us to enter into and participate in God’s flow of agape love for ourselves and for all humanity. You could conclude that good people skills are both a divine calling and also a daily choice!

To grow people skills we tend to: 

  • listen more 
  • Thank people more
  • Encourage folks 
  • Support growth in all
  • Prefer others over self 
  • Risk caring without expectations back
  • Others? … your ideas … ? 

When others see how we care, they get inspired to care too. When we use people skills we grow new neural pathways to access grace. We awaken serotonin that fuels more care as a response to conflict. 

Without growth mindset actions we maintain poor people skills and yield to cortisol’s toxins. In cortisol we run from others rather than running with Hope and happiness. 

If we agree that PEOPLE SKILLS poke our fitness & faith we’ll also see skills such as empathy as both calling & craft! When we foster people skills we transform workplaces into terrific labs for genuine care & kindness where most thrive and few fail.

What people skills do you already enjoy and what skills are you still growing stronger? 


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