Grandparents Bond Best with Tweens & Teens

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How are grandparents present in best ways for tweens and teens?

As grandchildren grow and mature grandparents, or senior care givers, are even more relevant and significant as coaches and cheer leaders in their lives!

Great adventures for tweens and teens challenge us to change from how we engaged them as younger kids though. Build on who they are authentically and they feel especially valued!

It’s more than worth it for the relationships we continue to bond with our youth. My own grandchildren are teaching me how to adjust from those fun adventures we enjoyed when they were younger to be their top supporters as teens.

Here are a few ideas I have transitioned to keep our adventures together relevant and fun. Emphasis on the word, fun! When teens enjoy time with us, their trust grows that we will be there for them. Taking a growth mindset approach we can learn with them in ways they see that we value their ideas and interests.

1.Get a Nintendo which is kept at your home, and add the problem solving games they love. One popular game is “The Legend of Zelda.”

2.Have them choose a movie and watch it with them.

3.Listen with them to music they enjoy.

4.Invite them to coach you in a talent they enjoy, and show what you learned from them. My kiddos love basketball and I have never made a Free Shot or played this game. So last time I was on their acreage I offered two grandchildren $20 each if they could coach me together to get a free shot with their tips. Others pulled up seats to observe the results and the game was on! After both children offered their best ideas, their Nana hit a first ever free shot! We all cheered, they landed a few bucks for their win, and we are still laughing about the fun. It offered me a chance to be with them in ways that they enjoy and can authentically participate.

5.Ask them cool questions they’d love to answer. These could be as simple as what three words best describe you and why? If they hesitate or feel unable to respond to that question, ask them one they would enjoy answering in ways you can value them.

6.Praise every good move you see them make, and hold back on fast advice or sermons in exchange for seeing  and rewarding what they do well. They grow more from a cheer leader  than a critic.

7.Invest in a metal detector and invite them on a cool hunt together for hidden pirate gold, or valuable coins they can keep. Make the shared adventure fun and prosperous.

8.Laugh with them over topics they enjoy most.

9.Chill with them so they find free and relaxing space at your house.

10.Make up a ball game with them and then play it together tweaking the parts.

11. What original and fun ideas would you and your teens add to bond and grow together?

Perhaps most important our tweens and teens love to hear their grandparents will always be their top cheer leaders, now and even after we pass on!


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