Protect Turf or Ride the Surf

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Broken systems all around us, offer unprecedented opportunities to learn and lead transformational innovations for a new era. Science shows how even a small band of like minded birds can create a revolution and sway the direction of an entire flock. Why then do some people cling to tiny places on sinking ships?

If you find yourself protecting turf, within broken bureaucracies, you can likely blame your brain. Luckily though, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Why protect old turf, while mind-bending waves carry prosperity to peers, and simply pass you by?

Simple choices you make today will either limit your brain to protecting turf with those who get left behind,  or equip it to ride the surf, with those who’ll shape your future.

Boring routines are being reconfigured by those who plunk mental plasticity for dynamic new solutions where they work. Key is to shift approaches, not merely add to a school day,  or do more of the same and expect improvement, as Miami low-performing schools discovered.

Poor scores nationally are being raised to meet nationally peaks because of those who reconfigure broken learning systems.

Myths that shape secondary schools are melting away because of climates being built for high-performing minds.

Cynicism is fast giving way to smart skills people use to built on their multiple intelligences.

Do others see you as a lighthouse for exciting new waves they face. Or do they see you clinging to a shipwreck and losing way in today’s turbulent times? Your brain holds paths toward both.

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6 thoughts on “Protect Turf or Ride the Surf

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  3. eweber Post author

    Thanks for your kind words, Deron. I too have noticed my prices rising at alarming rates and yet the services seem to be less and less for this escalated cost.

    Have you noticed that dysfunctional systems cost more and more to run, as they fail to progress toward a shared vision?

    You hold the same dream for a finer vision that many folks do who speak to us about the fallen system. Hopefully people like you and I will stay in the tracks and help to make that happen! Perhaps together we can do more to renew.

    It begins with recognition and we certainly have that now – whereas a few years ago, people just put up with the dysfunction. Think health can once again earn the suffix – “care?”

  4. Deron S.

    Great post! There is no better evidence of turf protecting than in the U.S. healthcare system. The various stakeholders are each trying to maintain their place in the system, as costs continue to rise at disturbing levels. Little does any of them know that if they step out of their ruts for a second, they might see that making changes to accommodate a well-functioning system will allow everyone to do just fine.

  5. eweber Post author

    Wow — how often I heard that from people who hated their jobs and simply stayed for what they saw as “security.” Yikes! No wonder ships are sinking in workplaces filled with security seekers as opposed to high performance minds! I think you are spot on, Robyn!

  6. Robyn McMaster

    My thought is that some people cling to the old shipwreck because it offers a lifeline of health insurance and job security. Some people fear the loss of these will cause them to sink.

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