Beyond Incivility and Insurrection

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How Do We Awaken Care Beyond Incivility and Insurrection?

We crave wisdom for a kinder life where grace for all is a lived experience.  We contemplate wisdom possibilities from diverse corners that may catch our eye, yet too many often still get overlooked. When incivility and insurrection becomes our response we all lose. We look for answers at work, in churches and even in bars, yet find few there who care and appear unconditionally cared for. So where do we access and awaken grace to open or create kinder spaces?

When we welcome God’s presence in a celestial and cosmic dance of sorts, we open doors to grace that awakens authentic care beyond incivility and insurrection.

Grace, as it energizes unconditional love, is more about personal choices and loving care, rather than pesky daily challenges from life’s circumstances. We tend to grow a grace-mindset by falling into an abyss of a star-strewn sky or by finding our hearts pierced by a childlike wonder. To hold space for a grace mindset is to be loved into growth in the unexpected presence of a life immersed in gifts of kindness.

Our daily existence on the other hand, imprisons us in unfair justice, corrupted political leaders and incivility to most humans. Both secular and spiritual communities divide and diminish us, when disagreements and rigid hierarchies divide rather than unite us. In that depressing daily world nothing beyond the ordinary appears to be possible.

Overwhelming concerns too often hold secular and spiritual circles in their spell, seemingly unable to spark solutions beyond the immediacy of the present moment. I used to hope answers would be evident and alive at church. Not so much! So where is the hope of healing this broken world we’ve too often corrupted?

The answers lie in grace-filled experiences where guns are replaced by grace and all are  welcomed  into a flow of our Creator’s agape love for each of us and for all humanity. It’s more about being loved into action by God than it is about a race to doing more or being better! It’s about burning strong rather than burning out. With a grace mindset we find God in everything in front of us at any given moment, and with every breath we join in the effervescent flow of God’s infinite love and care for each of us and for all humanity.


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