Busy Lives, Botched Benefits, or Sustainable Strength?

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More and more people welcome back spirit as a magnificent space to heal our lives. To settle for secular lifestyles without any spiritual mindset is like boarding a bus without any wheels. Our spirit moves mind and soul into delightful destinations where health and healing flow from powers beyond ourselves.

Considering our busy days and pressured lives though  how can we inject brief pauses in order to practice awareness and enjoy more personal well-being? It’s not hard to imagine moments where we pause briefly during a busy day to awaken and access God’s goodness and grace in ways that tangibly enrich our lives. So what stops such contemplative routines?

Busyness of every kind, including daily work schedules, social media demands and even service to others can be our biggest barricade to inner well-being. Intercept activity with deep inner quiet though, and we create space and inspiration to savor God’s amazing love at our depths. Inner contentment and peace may start with simple affirmations rooted in faith we possess.

Our acknowledgement of God’s unconditional love for example when we feel life’s conflicts or challenges, add a robust energy and strength to our soul. To love God back through brief but genuine awareness or gratitude pauses us to access divine love for ourselves and all humanity. No wonder brief pauses and pensive practices enliven our hearts and minds!

It’s often a matter of putting grace (which includes God’s unconditional love) into practice, as we repair the bus while we ride it too. 

Grace blossoms within each of us as tools to help us become kinder, happier and more resilient rather than react to difficulties by defending our ego or blaming others. During a brief pause grace can intercept habits that cause inner turmoil or friction between ourselves and others. Not that we always remember the power of pause here, but we each time we do step back and reflect before stepping forward to respond, we reboot again for more of the same.

After a few brief authentic connections and encounters with God’s grace,  our weaknesses and fragility yield way to God’s infinite support toward a journey with sustainable strength.  


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