If we don’t like something …

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Maya Angelou said, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” Easier said than done?

Our mindset can open deep and lasting mojo at the heart of every experience. It starts with a deliberate change and enables us to step beyond trauma and to gradually live with more joy and wisdom.

A simple change in behavior begins to rewire our brains to support that change

Not that we walk alone, or need to feel isolated. A grace mindset for instance, fuses divine and earthly energy and filters packed with spirited joy that offers hope and empathy to ourselves as well as to others we encounter. It is a go-to force that opens us to awaken God’s unconditional kindness and access understanding when our hearts crave care and healing in a broken world. 

Focus on a grace mindset lens, filter or conduit, and we keep open an entire new vista of God’s immense and transformational love. Joy begins to sustain our ability to see ourselves treasured by God at the center of enjoyable experiences where faith, hope and love ignite our human spirit. A grace mindset offers enormous reconciliation opportunities and tosses tangible goodness our way, even  when times get tough, or people let us down. Has it happened to you?

On a typical day we may respond to a challenge with the thought: “I can’t … “  (we can all fill in the blank). Or we can tap into our DNA’s gift of grace to resolve, : ‘I will try to … “ (we reach deeper for the divine energy to visualize and act on a possibility).

Meditation opens a mystical doorway to grace when we commune with God about any situation we encounter.  Not that we make prayer mere work. It’s a joyful and caring communion with the lover of our soul, that rocks rejuvenation.

Brother Lawrence opened such a grace mindset door when he shared:

I have abandoned all particular forms of devotion, all prayer techniques. My only prayer practice is attention. I carry on a habitual, silent, and secret conversation with God that fills me with overwhelming joy.” 

It’s a bit like leaping into heaven’s extravagant gardens to dance and engage wonder for the day! Delightfully commune with God about our experiences and we access a grace mindset that immerses us in divinity’s possibilities to tackle and take care of everyday problems.

After a lifetime study in mind and spirit I wrote the book, Access our Grace Mindset , Awaken Loving-kindness, Empathy, Healing and Hope, to address the question: How could a grace mindset ensure more consistent  joy, and support our communion with God, whether we experience mindfulness or misfortune?

We are created with gifts of grace in our DNA – an inner sacred wheelhouse where we build a mindset for health mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Integrate our  DNA gifts with daily choices and agape love offers a love force into divine insights with practical applications.


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