Seniors Rewire as Happy, Healed & Hopeful

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Do we see most seniors (or ourselves) as happy, healed and hopeful? If our response is yes or no, read on for this newly minted challenge to help create a podcast that spotlights and equips seniors as wisdom seekers together. Wisdom here does not mean we have no problems, but it means we learn to solve them faster and better.

As if configured uniquely at creation, we seniors showcase happiness by relearning with our grandchildren. Sadly though, too many seniors fly outside love’s radar, with little awareness of why loneliness hungers for a hug and longs for trusted family and friends in our lives. At a time when seniors should feel like rock-stars too many feel stuck and suffering at rock bottom.

Imagine a podcast where seniors help seniors by sharing constructive and liberating lessons from lives well lived!

Let’s build a senior’s circle that’s happy, healed and hopeful

Do you share my passion for a podcast on this topic, to engage in a mutual learning-teaching encounter? It’s called mind-guiding, and it leans into a growth mindset with new neural pathways into wonder and awe for seniors.

The podcast might be titled,  SENIORS AS HAPPY, HEALED AND HOPEFUL. This interactive growth mindset podcast will encourage seniors to uncover daily possibilities for wonder as we grow wisdom and give back happiness together.

Imagine seniors as they lead the way to reinstate happiness into lives of all ages, and personalities. Could it work? Imagine lessons that come alive from diverse beliefs and varied backgrounds, shared in love!

Emphasis would come from new mental and emotional research that brings a growth mindset to topics such as personal awareness, inner critic or inner kindness, letting go of what we think should happen to love and lead mindfully in what does happen. All will benefit from seniors who share how to optimize inner strengths and survive inner struggles.

We’ll learn together about freedom to forgive those who failed to love and support us as we’d hoped, we’ll try out ways to share broken parts of ourselves in trusted exchanges, as we practice standing stronger, yet humbler, when critics take us on. We’ll help one another to flip our failures into lessons forward and we’ll pause to laugh lots and enjoy awareness within a growth mindset version of ourselves.

Imagine a podcast facilitated so that mental and emotional wellbeing make friends with more seniors. Think about the joy of responding to more despair and depression on the rise, with friendship forces that help our golden years to avoid feeling alone when suffering hits. We’ll increase those long lost and longed for hugs in trusting circles that hold space for fun and fellowship.

We’ll grow awareness and add thankfulness for all those around us. We’ll open minds and hearts to learn from every age, while at the same time opening a senior’s unique spigot to share wisdom in personal lessons that continue to teach us, across time and ages.

We’ll share ways to avoid judgment and fears in favor of love and risks to grow vulnerably together and walk on collectively to help heal a broken world. This podcast will offer open, honest dialogues to help seniors stop painting ourselves as villain or victim and instead step up to parent adult children as they’d most enjoy being cared for. We’ll learn from teaching and learning from  one another and through shared experiences of loving and being loved.

We’ll stop living in the past or feeling anxious about the future in favor of staking out happiness in mental and emotional real estate as we plan and play more, both alone and together in the present.

Do you agree with Aristotle that happiness depends on ourselves?

We’ll see more value and assets in one another as we give mindful awareness to senior’s unique sensibilities. We’ll stir up adventures from our past and stoke wonder in our futures through facilitating questions such as “When was the last time you experienced a new belief or adventure that corralled gifts and tackled challenges in love?” And when did we last enjoy personal growth without feeling any need to change or criticize those around us? 


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