Survey for Organizational Brainpower

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Increasingly,  we face downturns, conflicts, and cutbacks. It’s time to fight back,  and I plan to join the line-up of leaders out on front lines who do just that! You? 

Ratchet up your organization’s brainpower by Jump starting organizational IQ and watch people begin to link leadership to prosperity for all.  How so? Learn daily with the brain in mind, and you’ll likely ratchet up organizational IQ at the same time.

How many yes responses would come from all or most of your colleagues to the following questions?

1. Race: Do shared offerings increase productivity for impressive mutual dividends across races and background differences? Yes _____ No _____.

2. Tone: Do good tone practices enable diverse  groups to take advantage of most opportunities to rebuild productivity?  Yes _____ No _____.

3. Risk: Do daring and mind-bending ventures yield winning results for you and peers without facing cynical torpedoesYes _____ No _____.

4. Gender: Does men’s logic and women’s emotion integrate to form the best solutions from both genders’ minds? Yes _____ No _____.

5. Talent: Do you frequently experience mentally challenging situations that ensure no brain is left behind? Yes _____ No _____.

6. Adventure: Do you and peers stir mental adventures into everyday tasksYes _____ No _____.

7. Humor: Do you prosper from humor’s benefits, or is comedy a tool for building complex concepts into doable practices?   Yes _____ No _____.

8. Motivation: Do you find incentives to jumpstart your workday? Yes _____ No _____.

9. Differences: Do people openly disagree while at the same time respecting other’s views on controversial topics? Yes _____ No _____.

10. Change: Is change and improvement an ongoing reality? Yes _____ No _____.

If you scored 8 or more yes responses, your organization is likely taking advantage of neuro discoveries that offer tools for growth and prosperity. If no, you may wish to follow links in thsoe areas to find tools to rebuild workplace intelligences. What do you think?

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