Albany Blocks Brainpower while NY Burns

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New York burns while Albany fiddles. News of political infighting, stalemates, accusations and posturing flood us daily, while opportunities for greatness fade for NY. A closer look, though, shows bureaucracy working against ethical brainpower. How so? 

Neuro discoveries uncover organizational problems and possibilities.

1. Secondary schools and universities in crisis continue to downsize rather than reconfigure their mental assets. People point to lack of money, poor parenting, lazy faculty, or dysfunctional tests rather then risk renewal with the brain in mind. Check out this video as granny loses her teeth and see why few take risks that alter chemicals in a human brain. Even if Albany avoids risks to improve our lot, people can pull together with targets that rewire brains for success.

2. Organizations lose when we follow men only and ignore women’s wisdom. Yet Harvard research affirms that fewer follow women. Check out how we all win when both male and female brains are valued and engaged equally as leaders. Albany would improve with more female leaders around its table to balance and add value to ideas proposed by politicians.

Warring cultures cannot progress like caring cultures, yet we rarely encounter models where mental skills are designed to disagree well. Conflicts and stressors literally attach the brain’s amygdala which people can learn to tame.

3. Workplace brainpower falls under fire while money runs out. Increasingly cynicism flows into organizations to drown innovation and poison solutions, from toxins that destroy human brainpower. Stagnating organizations surge cynicism while cynics respond with tone that shuts down possibilities. When Albany begins to engage voices on the other side of issues, though, people will move past regrets with a brainpowered new focus. Now that’s when you’ll see losses turn into wins, and you can expect new neuron pathways to dynamic solutions.

Recent research is ripe with amazing solutions to problems we face in Albany, so why fiddle while NY burns?

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