Christmas Grace in Conflicts or Celebrations

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Christmas and its holiday season is really our biggest opportunity for new beginnings and fresh starts.

Think about it –  regardless of how we enter its play-fields, blessing awaits us. I like to think of this genesis as a mystical and lush garden cultivated to cultivate grace. An abundance of that unmerited favor we crave.  A loving and caring higher power, who created us for blessing and eternal benefits.

Grace at Christmas soothes the heart and soul. So we find courage to treasure its blessings and benefits for all humanity. When more people access and awaken grace, we find more play, more contentment and more dreams fulfilled.

Grace equips us to navigate a holiday break sometimes in conflict, by celebrating a reboot in kindness and generosity for ourselves and others.

Whether alone, or with loved ones, grace inspires us to hold both humanity and divinity, sacred and secular in reverence as we bump into both daily.  

We embrace the sacred by our reverence for a God who loves us as if we lived grace by choosing a wise path through everything. We engage all life with acceptance and a joyful engagement in our cherished appreciation. Divinity rests in every single thing as grace hovers over daily choices when we bumps into things secular and sacred.

Grace is a spirited contact sport and we are mere mortals who tend to bump into things. Grace keeps us from judging, blaming or demonizing ourselves and our world. God is human, in the flesh, and ever-present in divinity as agape love defines this Christmas. Yes, in spite of the setbacks we sometimes bump into over our holiday celebrations and conflicts.