Christmas Adds Evidence of Grace in Action 

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We see divine grace in action when we experience its energy of love. Energy that feels dynamic, inspires interactivity, grips us personally, and harmonizes beyond sorrow. When we’re inspired to participate in what God is and does we accept and extend agape love.

Grace is that agape-energy and light that alters existence and restores purpose.

Grace is the stuff of personally inspirited divine love emerging at Christmas especially through consciously healing relationships in pools of overflowing love.  Grace forever awakens us to a new and kinder life on the other side of turbulence and trauma.

How though do we reconcile grace as good energy from a loving God when we consider personal and collective suffering as dominant in our world?

First, we recognize that suffering is no punishment from a ruthless God. Grace will never abandon us, yet we abandon grace to protect personal power, success, status, and whatever else substitutes as happiness or pleasure for ourselves.  

Since grace is agape love in action, our only real grip on this divine energy to navigate the messiness of our world is to accept and lean into its divine intimacy. To do this we take hold of faith, which equips us to participate in God’s loving plans among us and grace’s purpose within us.  

Grace is interactive in that we accept and extend love to others