Grace That’s Lived Needs a Healthy Motivation 

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As I reflect on the book,  Access Our Grace Mindset, I realize that we may be asking the wrong question.

The future of grace (or unmerited mercy, love and favor) matters little if there are no recipients, who can see life wonder beyond war, environmental disasters and inequities.

We can define the miracles of grace within noble theologies forever, and none of it matters a wit to  a humanity steeped in tragedy or terror. Our question, “What is our lived experience of grace?” must be tempered with an even more significant query, “What is grace’s legacy to humankind?”

“What must believers do to serve all God’s creation in the midst of dangers that sink us daily?” Simply stated what does grace require of us?

Grace lives or dies deep within each of us

The world we long for, with unconditional love we  we ache for, is a world where families love one another into old age, where neighbors enjoy food and houses and equitable work. We long to  live together in harmony, where nobody feels the need to hurt or destroy others. This is our shared dream, our deepest desire and an image that draws on the lived experience of grace. This image of a grace-filled life keeps us unwilling to settle for unjust, unsustainable, or cruel and horrendous actions that provoke hatred.

Grace with its agape love, touches our deepest desires for a caring and kinder world. Imagine a world where unconditional love stokes dignity and an integrity of creation as cherished gifts of God. Visualize a world in which all humans possess immense value as they did at creation and are each recognized as highly valued and appreciated.

Could an updated question help us to contribute to a different and finer world, where motivation comes from a loving Creator?

Given the dreadful news we face daily. we must all work at change that will furrow the ground in sustainable ways that foster grace as it lives within unconditional love for all humankind. Difficult – yes! Impossible – no!