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Grace lightens our darkness, deepens our love, and magnifies beauty in our world. No question, when we live and tangibly experience grace we find ourselves in a better place. The question addressed in the new book, Access Our Grace Mindset, is:  How do our minds, emotions and spirits help us to access and awaken this amazing grace?

Discover how grace re-energizes our inner reserves and adds night vision to engage a loving God when darkness or depression clouds loving-kindness to our deepest selves. Grace grows us as a person that takes healthy risks without fear of failing, because it allows unconditional love to help us forgive mistakes. Grace puts feet onto an eternal flow of kindness, empathy and intervention, so that the kind of love we crave most is available daily to refill the constant craving we feel for that inner, peace-filled and custom made fire that can only glow the spirit of goodness in us from our Creator. 

See how lived grace illumines the hidden beauty of our world, and becomes an extravagance that nudges us to risk everything else to engage our hearts and minds to access and awaken the deepest eternal mysteries, that already reside in our DNA.

Explore grace that presents us with a force that diminishes stress and depression with its full-bodied embrace of agape LOVE and acceptance, without any need to earn or deserve such a life-changing energy.  Grace equips us to delight in everyday life in ways that articulate and inspirit loving-kindness, empathy, healing and hope. We dip into inner pools of grace to awaken ways to give agape love back in self-care, service and worship, without any need to earn its ever replenishing love.

We become more confident when failure tries to sink our best efforts, because grace ensures we can stay the race as we walk tenderly through any darkness we encounter along the way.  We often navigate grace‚Äôs eternal and unconditional love within solitude and silence, only to demonstrate its unfathomable mystery on mountain peaks in multiple-intelligence-abilities  such as art,  movement, language, logical approaches and so on.

How will your grace experience today lighten the darkness, deepens your love, and magnify beauty in your world?

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