Could the Grace Principle Hold Healing or Hope?

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It’s not enough to admit worry and wars do us in daily, while help or happiness appear too distant a reach. It may be time to reach beyond human frailty to experience divine intervention from our Creator.

When we access and awaken grace our everyday experiences become extraordinary settings where we grow aware of divine and unconditional love. Here in ordinary events we also grow equipped to pass along agape love in incrementally energizing ways filled with hope and healing.   

Such transformational stories appear in the Gospels. They affirm how agape love touches down in ordinary settings that energize us to access and awaken a transformational journey forward. Take the following ordinary setting of meandering with a friend along a dusty road.

We read how two believers left Jerusalem toward Emmaus after the Passover.  Along the way they discussed how they’d hoped to find a Messiah, but reasoned that no Messiah would have died so tragically on a wooden cross. No wonder they refused to believe Mary and other women to whom Jesus had appeared earlier that same day!

God came alongside however, and remained in spite of not being recognized by these two. They were not open to see or hear about power, glory, love and immortality from a resurrected body.  So God stayed with them until they welcomed his healing touch.

Only after the disciples invited Jesus to stay and eat with them, did their blindness lift during the breaking of bread together. This encounter of God’s love on the road to Emmaus is the same encounter we see in ordinary settings that may start with a walk alongside a friend, yet end with hope, healing and loving-kindness in our wings.

Our walk to anywhere can become an encounter with God’s eternal presence today when we simply access and awaken amazing grace that already exists in our DNA.

This example of an agape encounter sets our stage of expectation and desire that God’s Presence can be seen in everyday experiences, and rarely awaits extraordinary supernatural apparitions. I call this the grace principal, where our open-hearts create a primary doorway into a tangible energy and stun-gun level of agape love that changes us within and energizes our choices and actions on ordinary days.

A Divine Presence is here, in us and in all creation. Love awaits access on any day.

The grace principle has us: Reconsider ordinary moments of our day, as fertile openings for the energizing mystery of love that’s worthy of awe, trust and wonder.  When we recognize God’s unconditional love within and see it right in front of us we have set the stage for eternal joy in spite of setbacks.

Tonight is our zoom discussion of page 41 to 60 of the new book ACCESS OUR GRACE MINDSET – AWAKEN LOVING-KINDNESS, EMPATHY, HEALING AND HOPE. Cannot wait to share living proof that serotonin unveils grace as a force (P 51). Also excited to discuss how an inner grace language transforms our inner critic into spirited kindness (P. 54)!

An energizing and kinder new pathway forward exists to help us navigate well-being in a world steeped in anger, fear and hatred! You?

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