A Case for Guns or Grace?

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Can guns and violence bring peace or open kinder, gentler spaces? Our warring habits, ginormous weapon sales, and battle celebrations would have us believe war brings good from evil! Really?

Are peace-giving assumptions about warrior-driven benefits fact or fiction?

If we consider new neural findings we see how peace practices bring peace, while war and its weapons invite further violence. Simply stated, we choose care and compassion for all, when we act with serotonin, the brain’s aha chemical for well-being.

In contrast, we choose war, violence and revenge when we act with cortisol, our brain’s toxic chemical. We cannot move from cortisol’s war-generated habits stepping up violence or pulling out superhero strength light-sabers. Cortisol that’s injected into conflict cannot spawn kindness, giving, negotiating fairly or creating mutual resolutions to improve situations for all concerned. Guns rob our mental and emotional grit, for attaining the level of peace we crave – peace that surpasses even our understanding. Cortisol cuts off our cognition and compassion at the knees! It shuts down resilience, guts our grit and can shave years off our lives.

Similarly grace increases in our brains and blood stream, serotonin traits such as kindness, generosity, laughter and goodwill. Grace may not remove that Red Sea we face as obstacles, but it parts the tsunami in ways that support us through.

Let’s transform wars we justify with guns and violence we tackle with guns. Let’s choose grace and build robust peace plans that prosper all humankind. Grace starts with peaceful possibilities we’ll offer today when conflict or chaos try to take down beauty or hand us war’s horrific handmaidens. Grace transforms a brain’s ability to thrive and prosper in spite of setbacks!

We choose from one of two channels daily to foster war or peace?

If we agree that we’re all inspirited with grace, what pathways could help us access its peace giving blessings? Gratitude? Appreciation and awareness of all the goodness that is available to each of us in humankind? Where could our magnificent grace mindset lead us today?

Grace is sufficient against evils of war and kindles inner peace to all who choose and apply its filter. Grace equips us in any struggle where battles rage.

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