Shy, Social or … ?

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An introvert is often seen as the shy guy, or the gal who fades into wallpaper at socials. Extroverts are often said to have more fun as their popularity makes them the life of most parties. Really?

If the above comparison is true, no wonder we rail against some traits and regale others!

Save space here for a new neural and more accurate look at you!

Carl Jung, Swiss psychotherapist, gave us the concept of introvert and extrovert in the early 1900s. That was more than a century ago! We’ve learned lots since then!

Let’s revisit these two outmoded terms with vital new neural discoveries to expand our understanding of our genuine potential as currency.

Consider traits of intrapersonal IQ (the new updates for introverted) and Interpersonal IQ (the new updates for extroverted) and we discover we all possess intelligence and IQ skills for introversion and extroversion.

Just because we crave time and deep thought alone, (intrapersonal IQ) does not negate our enjoyment of time to be with, learn from and enjoy others! (interpersonal IQ). Neither is per-eminent, according to Harvard’s Howard Gardner, originator of multiple intelligences.

With use we grow more and more effective skills both as introverts and extroverts! We prosper by being alone judiciously at times and also thrive being alive and well with others at times.

Not only do we need both traits to navigate our world successfully, we also already possess the basics of each in our DNA! Yes, we can build upon these intelligences as we use and develop them. We can also access our grace mindset and awaken loving-kindness, empathy, healing and hope!

Grace is God’s enormous love alive in and through us as potential and as sheer energy intrapersonally and interpersonally! Joy to be alone, and fully ready to seek deeper understanding of life to flourish and thrive intrapersonally! Delight to gather with and enjoy shared experiences, strengthens us to be with others in ways that learn and grow together. Risk and adventure accompanies both states (alone and with others) when grace enters the mix!

You may be asking: Do we all have these skills in our DNA in the same measure? The answer is no. We each come with our unique proclivities and potential. Good news is that we can literally improve our DNA and increase our acumen, with reflection and use just as we grow our grace practices by living them daily.

Sound like a life plan only an awesome creator could come up with for a beloved humanity?

Fun prompts and practical keys to live grace interpersonally, come included in the new book, ACCESS OUR GRACE MINDSET: Awaken loving-kindness, Empathy, Healing and Hope!

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