Death of Education – Dawn of Learning

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The mark of a successful secondary school is motivated teens achieving at the peaks. Does it happen in your community?

This summer launches Rochester’s first MITA Brain Institute – custom designed for secondary faculty, and poised to reconfigure learning – with the brain in mind.

Participants will create curriculum together to jumpstart teen brains for higher motivation and achievement. It is expected that faculty will leave the Brain Institute as change agents in their own secondary schools.

Check out the video below to see why the time is both perilous and at the same time exciting, for learning renewal that builds community across differences.

The MITA Brain Institute‘s 20 hour certification program will build learning communities – highly equipped to solve problems, facilitate ethical leadership, merge cultures with mutual benefits, and  strengthen students to participate in their rapidly changing world.

Expect to see faculty begin to question broken systems with solutions in mind. Could it happen for somebody you know?

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

6 thoughts on “Death of Education – Dawn of Learning

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  3. eweber Post author

    There are many good questions here Kathy and thanks! I’ll tackle one here and the others in future blogs. On the question of smarter or dumber, you would be interested in Gardner’s book called “Reframed Intelligence.” In research we now see that intelligences are multiple and are developed daily (long past golden ages) as we use each. What we do daily rewires the human brain for more of the same. Great question and wonderful discussion – thanks for your offering here.

    As to schools and their effectiveness, it’s often a good idea to find a school that brings learning alive for most and you have likely encountered one that works with – rather than against the human brain. You obviously use multiple intelligences in thoughtful ways and that’s likely why you apply what you learn to how you live:-) Thanks again for stopping by Kathy!

  4. Kathy@riverside wrongful death attorney

    Do we consider our generation to be smarter or dumber to that of our parents ? I think we have been whining about education since there was education. I remember reading Emily and the idea that children should just run wild until they are ready to start learning, then I remember reading about ancient Greece and debates about how to educate students.

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