Access Our Grace Mindset?

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Wherever reality unveils angst and anxiety, grace holds a unique response! The key question is: How do we access grace and awaken its loving-kindness, empathy, healing and hope on a down day? Tools and tips in this new book demonstrate how grace affirms in us vision to see through a wider lens as a way to awaken loving-kindness, empathy, healing and hope! With grace as a lived experience we tackle problems such as unkind words with practical possibilities, such as forgiveness and caring responses back. We reboot our minds much like batteries need recharging when worn with use or neglect.

Those of us who crave a grace mindset that holds us at the apex of love, every page we’ll read is deliberately designed with grace-minded affirmations to lead change and improve our situation.

First, we remind ourselves that being loved makes us stronger, and we are more prepared to use inner strength to continue to grow.

Second, we value unconditional love that comes without demands and expectations, and we begin to enjoy the possibility of loving back in similar grace-mindset ways.

Third, we open up even more to a free gift of grace deposited into our DNA at creation, and we grow more excited about unwrapping that gift in caring for and empathizing with others who have yet to unwrap or access that gift for their own lives,

Fourth, we express thanks for the fact we are loved and watch how challenges that try to creep in to accuse us or tell us we are unloved, soon begin to fade. As we begin to act out of thanks we enjoy even the tiniest blessings from life.

Finally, we tell somebody else who expects it least that we genuinely love them and watch how grace improves and inspires our lives daily.

Dostoyevsky identified what a grace-mindset awakens and affirms in us best in, The Brothers Karamazov.

“Love all God’s creation … and every grain of sand in it… Love every leaf, every ray of God’s light. Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to understand it everyday. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all embracing love…. Things flow and are indirectly linked together, and if you push here, something will move at the other end of the world. If you strike here, something, somewhere, will wince; if you sin here, something somewhere will suffer.”

And there’s much more … A grace mindset gives us strength to combat fear with forgiveness that forces failure into its proper place! It opens us to become present, alert and about to do something brand new. If we fear religion’s narrow sets of rigid rules, we may miss the fact that agape love got hijacked by demands for “saintly” behavior, more tithing, or living a set of mean-spirited demands that seem impossible to keep if we enjoy adventure or fun! We’ve likely discovered how fear short circuits the brain’s capability to act calmly that only a deep abiding love, expressed in a grace-mindset offers. With fear comes anxiety that overwhelms and shuts us down.

As a lived experience, grace is the handmaiden of wisdom, and the heavy lifter of possibilities to resolve problems. How we spend our grace is how we strengthen our possibilities and flourish. Yet we may need daily prompts for grace to mature into heavenly joy at the same time we use it to grow character traits such as courage, resilience, and tolerance.

In these pages we shine a light on daily conflicts that present as grace trying to awaken within us. Ignore this fact, and conflict can release cortisol toxins that weaken our immune system and shut down our ability to resolve problems, or repair cherished relationships. Have you experienced it?

It often starts within, and may even focus on areas of strength we may have missed in our childhood. For instance do one thing that brings inner kindness and self-compassion offers us gentleness to create solutions in ways that replace conflict as well as release the brain’s aha chemical, serotonin. See how this uptick happens and how grace access often follows choices we make as we shift from judgement to care, empathy and curiosity. In doable prompts this book helps us to let go of frustrations and take hold of the kind of caring curiosity that helps us discover new and creative ways to move aha ideas forward for tangible benefits.

We run from our inner critic that shuts down progress and take hold of energy that fosters possibilities for ourselves and others. Not that these approaches always bring instant gratification. Brains fill with cortisol when we default to criticism and it takes continual effort to grow grit that turns conflict into kinder and more creative alternatives. Start with curiosity and wonder using this book’s prompts and we step beyond criticism and its toxins that otherwise shut us down. See how our daily actions can also motivate others to change and access or awaken their own inner grace pools?

Let’s say we experience conflict with an adult son or daughter, and perhaps this struggle has broken both our hearts, since we come with an inner desire and hope to nourish and feel loved by those we parent. It doesn’t help to buy a book and hope they read it! Grace enables us to talk to that family member without judging, listen without criticizing, and process the problem without blame! Grace will find us affirming that person as a human, with frailties and strengths! And over time, authentic affirmation will fill that void left by conflict, and begin to sustain safer communication with agape loving-kindness.

Discover in these pages how grace can turn rejection into re-direction as we are energized to return to core values, act kindly, and trust the safety of genuine encouragement to shore up our loving communications. For many of us the painful inner rejection from childhood lack of care or kindness, pops up to interrupt our joy. In this book we find prompts to step back and focus more on doable possibilities to rebuild relationships in spite of past conflicts.

We sometimes wonder, “How do some people thrive during problems such as an isolating pandemic, while we find it nearly impossible to cope?” This interactive book steps us into tangible access to deep and abiding grace hidden or unused in past. Awaken this grace and we begin to spot solutions to problems, in spite of setbacks we all experience. We enjoy new spurts of grace and growth that can only happen when we step outside our comfort zones, and lean into divine, unconditional love. We become love as we allow grace to help us abide in love. Furthermore, when we hold such enabling love in our hearts, we also develop ways to import its enormous energy to others around us.

Discover daily in this book how love as our lived experience, is completely unrestricted by past failed actions. The deepest core craving we share is to be loved beyond judgement and cared for unconditionally, in spite of human frailty. When we feel loved, unrestricted by our weaknesses, harsh criticism becomes moot and judgement fades.

Each page of this book is designed to move agape care into action that benefits each of us. Think of it as an interactive approach to enjoying life with a daily grace mindset access. Discussions, tips, prompts and fun challenges lead us into such a grace access as our delightful and adventurous experience.

Imagine such an inner personal pool of amazing grace, flanked with lampposts shining lights for each of us to rediscover a “soulful” relationship with love that comforts and refreshes us at our deepest levels. Every strength we need and crave reappears at each access from deep streams of wisdom and flows from unconscious into our conscious levels where we choose to walk with grace. In that pool we connect the uniqueness of our mind, with rivers of perfection within divine grace given to us in unconditional love.

Perhaps upper streams within had traditionally handed us only choices from human frailty in all its forms of reasoned and emotional moodiness, beginning with rejection and loneliness. Proceed to our deeper grace-filled streams, however, and we find extravagant spiritual life within usable exchanges that add meaning and growth to our everyday actions.