Brain Parts Promote or Stomp out Change

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Take advantage of recent neuro-discoveries and that illusive growth you’re looking for tends to follow far faster. Have you seen it happen?

Think of plasticity as the brains ability to change itself, based on what we do. Think of chemicals such as dopamine as the risk-taking adrenalin that moves us to act on what will change our brain and our life. Think of oxytocin as the chemical that tosses intimacy into our lives and enables us to respond in kind.

Try a few of these brainpower-tools create new landscapes -from mental resources immune to recession:

Just a few suggestions for neuro-discoveries that add growth and prosperity or contribute toxins to stagnant workplaces. All are based on the chemical and electrical circuitry of your brain, and you choose daily how to remap that for benefit or bust!

Which is it at your workplace?

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

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9 thoughts on “Brain Parts Promote or Stomp out Change

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  8. eweber Post author

    Wally that a great question and it doesn’t surprise me that multiple intelligences works well for you – since they spill all over at Twitter, here and your leadership site.

    I have an amygdala situation today. I received a very demanding email from a colleague and it also seemed to add parts that showed this person was feeling frustrated about things in his own life. My first reaction was to call him on his email to me – and so I waiting for a time before responding.

    Then I decided to “leave out any amygdala” components. How so? I answered his email as if he was not frustrated, and ignored the potential flames. In a short while I found another email in my box to affirm that all was well now, and while he did not apologize – he also did not find himself in a flame war. I am free – because I caught the amygdala possibilities and used ’em for mutual benefit, by keeping my tone without any emotional bent.

    Make sense – or should I take another run at the question?

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