If Your Work Suddenly Shut Down …

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It’s finally come – 5000 failed school may soon be closing as President Obama favors renewal and new opportunities for all learners. Hopefully, the shut down will result in secondary schools and universities who rebuild with brains in mind. This radical upheaval raises a larger question though.

If your workplace were shut down for failed practices, how would you reinvent success or build back work?

1. Would you apply new brain facts that benefit more people?

2. Would you hire more men or more women who value brain benefits of the opposite gender?

3. Would you encourage people to tame the amygdala and to add more serotonin at work?

4. Would you take a new run at finances with the brain in mind?

5. Would communication take onĀ  tone skills that trigger more brainpower at work?

Perhaps your workplace is not yet slated for removal, but unless you’ve reconfigured with the future and new neuro discoveries in mind, you could well be closed out next.

Should shutdown threaten me, I’d start to rebuild by replacing outmoded hard and soft skills, with smart skills that reflect opportunity and renewal with neuro discoveries as practical tools for growth.

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