Grace for Blessing Not Blame

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A grace mindset results in daily practices based on unmerited favor to make choices filled with confidence, inner kindness and genuine grit. We grow resilient to create possibilities when confronted with snags and problems. How so?

Divine grace. or favor, is God’s inner gift of perfect, eternal, agape love that we neither earn nor deserve, yet enjoy unconditionally whenever we access it. Less perfect than faith in God, yet nevertheless heroic, is Victor Hugo’s human grace seen in Jean Val-jean who went to jail for a criminal mistaken for him in Les Miserable.

As we access and live grace, we grow more able over time to develop a grace mindset that fortifies us to give favor with fewer conditions. We tend to bless others and access infinite favor more and more from a divine pool.

With each practice (or similar workaround) we grow a mindset more amazing in grace!

YOUR TURN! Could others identify and participate in your grace mindset filters?

Some call it intuition. Others see it as power! Whatever name we ascribe to grace, we crave more of it one we experience it’s might. Let’s say we make and internalize kind assumptions about people around us, beliefs that are judgement-free, and non-critical. Such a grace-mindset fosters growth of friendship and love that lasts throughout tough times. My son-in-law often shows enormous visible images of such grace.

Neal seems to internalize uniquely kind assumptions that allow others wiggle room to grow and risk making mistakes without losing his favor. As we each use and develop new filters such as those listed in the above diagram, a grace mindset becomes our filter to see goodness and welcome growth in ourselves and others around us.

Have you experienced such unconditional favor that offers a filter into daily goodness, without criticism or complaints? First we access such favor, and then we can demonstrate strength and pass along to others,  its enormous treasure. 

If you agree that we are all inspirited with grace, what pathways could help us access its blessings? Gratitude? Appreciation and awareness of all the goodness that is available to each of us? Where could our magnificent grace mindset lead us next?

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