Living Angel or Devil Parts of Brain?

It’s now believed that you have both angel and devil brain parts and these two forces stay in consistent battle for your actions. Do you agree? Researchers looked at activity in the brain for healthy and unhealthy food choices and what they found may surprise you.

Angel brain parts help people to consider abstract decisions such as healthy living, whereas devil parts push to crave junk food. Simply put,  angel brain parts nudge you toward well being, the devil parts fight for weaker choices. Has it happened to you with food or other areas? 

Angel and Devil parts of your brain battle for supremacy, according to  Dr. Antonio Rangel at California Institute of Technology. Published discoveries in May 1st journal of Science suggest researchers are being led to investigate why some people live more self-control yet others tend to prefer peril.

Of unique interest is Rangel’s question: “What is special about the circuitry of brains that can exercise good behavioral self-control?”

What do you think?

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

Consider 10 personal choice related factors from recent neuro discoveries:

1. Open spigots that turn off craving also link to and help balance dopamine chemicals.

2, Offer one peaceful act in a moment of conflict, builds neuron pathways to a culture of peace.

3. Create common ethical actions in any group and human brains rewire beyond social justice.

4. Cultivate creativity beyond a cynic’s reach and restore brainpower to heal toxic workplaces.

5. Toss tone skills at words that tear down and watch sparks fly for winning solutions.

6. Act on common sense decision and your brain adds intrapersonal intelligence to solutions.

7. Live what you hope others will see in you and plasticity will rewire your brain for more.

8. Tame the amygdala and watch solutions pop up where stubborn problems persisted.

9. Increase serotonin in your brain and in others and fuel mental journey toward success.

10. Laugh at yourself and then expect brain benefits for you and entire circles as a result.

Research continues to weigh both angel and devil parts of human brains, yet it’s worth getting started on an adventure for benefits from neuro discoveries already made. What do you think?

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11 thoughts on “Living Angel or Devil Parts of Brain?

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  7. eweber Post author

    Elona, thanks for stopping by and sharing what you are doing with senior class. They are lucky to have you with them at their helm! Like you — I am amazed at the difference it makes when learners know how to access more brainpower. Now all that is left is for you and I to spread that word so that other leaders and faculty can share in the fun for themselves and their classes!

    University students also value such tools and it totally changes the way they go after success in class:-) Your story brightens my day! So glad you came by and pass my best wishes onto your class! They sound like real winners!

  8. Elona Hartjes

    Just found your site and can hardly wait to share it with my grade 12 Advanced Learning Strategies students. What you have written htre fits in well with a unit we do on the teenage brain. I’m always encouraging them to rewwire their brains for better outcomes. Thanks

  9. eweber Post author

    Cool thought, Robyn. Yes, it is deeply lined to the LIVED conscience – which strengthens in the direction of ethics and personal morals with each act we complete. The key is to act on beliefs – and that act is what rewires the human brain for more of same.

    It’s kind of cool when you consider it. Even a smile at a disagreeable person creates a rewired brain for more cheerfulness where we work – a bit of mental magic if you unpack its wonder!

  10. Robyn McMaster

    Ellen, perhaps the angel is connected to what we might know as conscience versus a temptation in which we find ourselves.

    One additional piece that plays a big role in this is how our parents or guardians reacted. We take in much of the way they handle life when we are children and often this is part of our own basal ganglia, unless we actively decide to be different from them.

    Robyn McMasters last blog post..Thwart Theft of Memory Bandits

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