Where has all the Spirit Gone?

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Every tiny enzyme flips into a freedom dance and rises to reflect rainbows when we enter and engage our spirit’s residing grace. Sure, it often takes being in the now, and it may mean  accepting what is. Yet it coaches us in what to change and what to accept without resistance.

You could say “spirit” is our conscience. It guides us to know when to push through or when to surrender. Much like love’s life force our spirit ensures we contribute our best whether we walk forward or wait for further essence of our goals and dreams.

Spirit enables us to walk in step with love and kindness. It’s our soul that also reveals to us how agape love links us to God’s amazing grace and connects us to unconditional care in action. Spirit helps us to value life and embrace purpose. It allows us to live without judgement and find awe without expectations.

Wonder why we feel down? When a life path harms or limits us, we’ve likely taken the wrong path. How does spirit’s grace work together for good in our inner self?

Each of the above outcomes involves choice more than fate

It’s that still small voice that says, “don’t say that, but say this instead.” It’s the recognition of our soul and it links us to God’s spirit. It reveals amazing love for humanity and links us to divine grace in action.

It’s the believing eyes that sees God bend certain laws for each of us in a mystical manner that leaves us in a better place. It awakens the part of us that holds and cultivates meaning and purpose.  Spirit includes an inner attraction to goodness and hope, grace and a sense of “hang-in.” It impacts our physical world and all settings in which we learn to embrace the growth possible within spirit’s wheelhouse. 

Forgiveness hands us the essence of a grace mindset where we are inspired by goodness in endless forms. We’ll still run into tests and trials wherever sin or selfishness exists in ourselves or in our world. Yet spirit offers the safest engine to navigate unconditional love settings in spite of an unfair or unkind world.

Life comes with hidden and unoccupied spaces where our soul propels us beyond rational thought that can distrust higher purpose. In such retreats, spirit reminds us we’ll be alright when tough times strike. An oasis deep inside each of us offers grace as a force that comes to infuse a difficult situation into something far better.

Notice I did not suggest spirit will drives us to ask for endless stuff, expect limitless happiness or lean into Santa-like lists. Prayer is our spirit’s dialogue with a loving God that infuses an inner awakening filled with infinite love of humanity. It’s the grace mindset that elevates love, laughter and life into a place of wellbeing and wonderful!

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