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Headsets are soon coming out that enable people to control technology with electrical signals that come from firing your brain’s neurons. Imagine a helmet that works a keyboard or that operates software programs – simply because you think into a mind reading gismo, and you have seen the latest invention.

No longer do mind-bending operations happen only in science fiction. You can now send a tweet through EEG, for instance, while your brain waves operate mind-reading technology.

Helmets that detect your emotions accurately, are currently being created successfully in Australia.

Video games are also being produced that relay on mind power only, and it’s only a matter of time before computer caps will read your thoughts with what some call brain-busting efficiency.

Ready for the next round of  innovative and interactive technology?

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    The idea of using helmets to read your mind and control video games is so very cool, even though it’s a bit creepy in concept. The idea of mind-control helmets seems so sci-fi!

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