Renew with the Brain in Mind

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Each step to renew your workplace ethically and with the brain in mind – casts lights on mental barriers that prevent change in stagnant organizations. How so?

To rethink old approaches is also to take a stand against Hebbian hardwired thought that defaults back to ruts and routines.

To upgrade motivation and achievement at secondary or higher education is to identify and remove mental myths that shape current secondary and university systems.

To open access to brilliant thinkers is also to convert toxic workplaces into brainier centers for innovation, risk taking and opportunity.

To invoke brilliant solutions from diverse angles is also to build goodwill with those who disagree.

To ensure workplace harmony is also to confront tragic toxins that pollute innovation daily with every spill from cynics’ minds.

To increase profitability is also to remove conventional jargon that covers transparency, leaks brainpower and covers corruption in bureaucracies.

To adjust with times and win is to create neuron pathways forward so that chemical and electrical circuitry of the brain offers tools as dynamic solutions to past problems. One school started blogs for every classroom so that teens communication problems could be identified and special lessons designed for them.

What new brain facts would transform your mental barriers into brilliant stars to follow where you work? Ready to tackle the delights and challenges that accompany renewal with the brain in mind? If so, you’ll gain far more speed forward after you flatten a few stubborn speedbumps that slow mental progress. What do you think?

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