Can Grace Cover Covid Chaos?

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A good friend asked me recently where God is when people are dying with a pandemic nobody seems to be able to control. To address questions from a young man I golf with often over the years, I revisited the notion of evil we encounter and its impact on each of us in this precarious era. Like my friend, I believe no questions need to be sidestepped in our attempt to cope with or conquer this chaotic covid era, since I see this pandemic as a very real evil.

As I reflected on a wider and deeper understanding of how to avoid being crushed by current evils we all face, this killer virus took center stage.

My encouraging conclusion in the quote above comes rooted in a personal and deep appreciation that my daughter tested negative recently after contacting a person with covid. I revisited my sorrow for many good lives lost to this evil illness. And I pondered my desire to understand what exactly we can expect (related to such toxic and evil encounters as covid)  in coming days.

I thought of the sheer delight of my grandchildren’s love jam-packed into their unexpected gift of custom made Valentine cards they delivered personally to my home. Affection from my family left me grateful and blessed beyond words!

Discussions with others and my own lived experiences hand me images of agape love and amazing grace to navigate well. Yes, even within an evil setting.

Status quo rituals and church-like words likely need to fall away though, if we are to see refreshing new insights from a living God to help us face evil with grace!

We can learn even more from people’s diverse perspectives and we can rely on our hope and belief for a better future. A future that leads us beyond covid chaos into a closer walk with our creator. Buckets of grace for boatloads of toxins!   

My reflection and encouraging conclusion here started with genuine gratitude that my daughter tested negative after contacting a person with covid. What launching pad of thankfulness will start your consideration concerning access to grace?

My compassion for many good lives lost to this evil illness, led me to consider where God is when we suffer and seem to lose the battle? That too led me back to endless evidences of God’s grace that I’ve encountered when life tried to do me in.

Finally, my desire for a finer outcome that benefits all in coming days, led me to look for specific ways I can remain thankful, in spite of our broken worlds that drain our hope.

An unexpected gift of love, a friend for support, a tragedy averted!

What’s your perspective and where’s your hope and belief for a better future beyond covid chaos?

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