Change Focus to Reboot Motivation

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The news media often makes money its top focus, which adds motivation for people to spend more, travel more and cozy up more to people of means. Sadly, dollars at your center also motivate you to chase green backs,  more than character build, invent new innovations, or put other people first in ways that build better communities.

Change Focus to Reboot Motivation

Focus builds motivation to act on its theme, and acting on focus rewires the brain for more of the same actions.

Leaders Motivated by Focus on Money – Often Act Against Real Riches

Today’s Democrat and Chronicle, spotlights this year’s top 50 NY lobbyists who spent $40 million last year to influence my state’s government. The result? Money motivated Albany leaders to favor a few lobbyists who ponied up millions to sway decisions. In return, my state steps deeper into debt daily, while most meetings end in gridlock, and people despair of service or growth from elected leaders.

How does your focus benefit you and your workplace? More important, how does your daily dream, motivate growth or prosper productivity?

If you see any lack –  in improvements you attempt to lead –change what you zoom in, on and start a new neuron pathway toward success. Since the brain moves forward on motivation’s fuel and moves faster toward a clear focus – it’s worth the time to reposition your target.

Focus Can Motivate You toward Mind-bending Innovations

Focus on people’s value and you’re motivated to recognize and encourage colleagues at work. Talent grows and people tend to build more together for the good of all.

Focus on ethical leadership and you will surround yourself with honest, and reflective leaders. Trust grows and brainpower includes vision with values and purpose.

Focus on innovative change and you’ll find yourself coming up with new solutions to solve old problems. Change comes to leaders motivated to look at problems with solutions in mind.

Imagine, for instance if you focused on taming the amygdala to rewires for innovative solutions, for instance, rather than simply vent over problems.

Over at Mike Henry’s post, we read – “If people are going to do their best, they must be internally motivated” – (Kouzes & Posner). I’d like to add –

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

By changing your focus, you may well motivate your brain to:

1.  Snip your Amygdala Before you Snipe Back

2. Breathe for Brainpower Fixes

3. Ride the Surf of Innovation

4. Stand up More to Local Leaders

5. Leave No Brain Behind

6.  Promote Change that Wins for All

7. Live Angel not Devil Parts of Brain?

8. Wield Brainpowered Tools to Disagree

9. Engage Voices on the Other Side?

10. Try on Tone Tips to Live Like Einstein

11. Pass by Politically Correct Democracy for Human Brains

12. Spot Fear Epidemics that Run Your Economy

13. Run from Tragic Traits in Mind of  Cynics

14. Don Motivation as Wings for Achievement

15. See Meta-messages as Lower Intelligence

16. Reflect Past Wall St. Prostitutes

17. Expect Calm Under Pressure

18. Bypass Bullies Where You Work

19. Stride Daily from Fear to Freedom

20. Enjoy Novelty that Stokes Memory

21. Let it Go!

22. Spot how Brains on Perfect Run Late too

23. Tackle Hot Topics without Heated Shout-Outs

24. Target Tone Skills for Tough Times

2 thoughts on “Change Focus to Reboot Motivation

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  2. Paul Hughes

    When I see focus on this article, I saw an image of myself at my work 2 years ago. When I first started my former job 10 years ago, the motivation to succeed and do well was my main objective, and as I accomplished that goal the money started be my main motivation. I secretly resented my job for awhile, but the prospect of earning more money and having tangible goods made it easier to pass the days.

    I think focus and motivation needs to be accompanied by priorities. Setting priorities and asking yourself what’s really important is going to make you reassess your current situation and motivate from within. That is why I quit my job, am earning less, but couldn’t be happier with that decision. I am reinventing myself and finding a better way to live.

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