Valentine Wishes for a Wonderful World!

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It’s a thing we may not admit. In fact we may avoid at any cost. If we consider the meaning of love that Valentines allude to however, we could transform one day a year into the kindness and love most people crave.

Valentines bring us together

In part, loving takes confidence. To let others in to be cared for by our circle, means we are willing to risk a wider, more broad-minded circle than our own typical Valentine greetings reach. Beam in a sense of wonder with heartfelt responses and we address the question many ask these days: “Who really cares?”

Exclusion at times cancels out our compassion. But imagine love that ignites circles where shared humanity still shares Valentine worthy love.

Maybe we feel jealous when others around us are loved more. Or we feel a bit dicey over the person who disagrees with us and care seems to vanish in response. Maybe we forget that nobody gets it right 100% of the time. Valentine level love cares without expectation of the same back. Imagine if we spread this kind of love among our youth.

Look into high school or college classrooms, and you see desperate kids clinging to their few friends or family in hope to keeping genuine love alive in tough times.

From seemingly logical motives, during this isolating pandemic, we find ourselves mired in lonely encounters, fearfully thinking love has left us out when we need it most. Friendships inside our narrow bubbles may secure that primal and close fears of not belonging. In isolation and consistent bad news, belonging can fall painfully short of the kind of loving care that holds Valentine’s Day up as a favorite holiday.

What matters most is that thoughtful people are drawn to each other in kindness when we overlook differences to see the human need to be cared for.  Through a kind of welcome that understands differences in ways we pound safer paths forward together. Valentines handed to a few only, become the catalyst of rejection, for people who differ, exert themselves rarely, or come with characteristics least familiar to us.

We give Valentine wonder to few people if we fail to see even people who differ as lovable.

Sure, we’ll make mistakes – and we’ll withhold care less for people who we name as unbearable. Yet to be absolutely at peace with our own prickly-at-times selves, is to be completely unpicky about extending genuine care to others around us.

Imagine more mindful circles, where Valentine’s Day dreams open delightful windows into friendly encounters that unfold into caring friendships. Consider a new day where we extend ourselves to become the caring person we’d like others to see in us. The thing we may hold in common with people we offer kindness to is a life-changing Valentine wish. An agape expression of care, while it’s not a single bullet for infinite delight, could satisfy our own yearning to be part of genuine care circle that most people would swap exclusion for on a dime.

A person who could use our Valentine wishes most could be the person who sits nearby but rarely speaks, the person who speaks too much, or the person who walks in from another world completely. Rather than some imaginary idea of perfect Valentine exchange, it is the capacity to toss generosity into a wider circle than yours, and in we can each expect back compatibility that begins to bond people as a logical extension of care.

Valentine’s Day is far more than mushy memorials that stick security in between two people already satisfied in one another’s warmth.  It’s a reminder to pivot beyond appalling segregation that keeps people who differ out in the cold. It’s also the assurance we won’t end up lonely or bored simply because we’ll be convinced that our Valentine kindness opens wider worlds where unexpected melodies move back and forth freely, from one Valentine heart to another.

Looking for Valentine Day activities that reach out to teens in ELA or Lit. classes, as a delightful way to draw people together and create fun for all?

Or want a quick idea that brings Valentine fun into any upper class – while strengthening your learning community in fun ways?

Or perhaps we just want to stir up the joys of a grateful heart for love in our lives that stokes us to care for others and way that boosts theirs.

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