Crazy Busy or Creatively Brilliant?

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Fixed ideas of HOW SMART WE ARE keep us busy on gerbil wheels anxiously chasing perfection.

Flexible growth mindset ideas of HOW WE ARE SMART keep us risking creativity to grow brilliance.

How we think about intelligence has a lot to do with how we take advantage of our abilities to expand our lives. What if we are asking the wrong question, though, if we hope to discover a wider range of capabilities or intelligences?

Do you know the original purpose of IQ tests? Alfred Binet was a French psychologist who developed the first IQ test as a tool to identify learners who failed to find support in public schools. The French government in the late 1800s commissioned Binet to help them identify learners who needed more support to learn well. With collaborator Theodore Simon, Binet used what we knew of brains in to develop the Binet-Simon Intelligence Scale. He did not believe IQ was fixed and did adhere to the notion that IQ scores tend to improve with motivation, for instance.

With an advent of multiple intelligences, new neural discoveries, and Mita brain based tools for growth,  imagine the question shifting from asking, How smart are you? to inquire instead, How are you smart? 

Our new question changes the way we lead and learn successfully!

We now know that intelligence is fluid, not fixed and that we can use and grow all eight distinctive intelligences. You already come with a unique mix and this survey simply helps you to discover your awesome strengths and grow areas that may be a bit weaker.

! MI Survey

Discover all the intelligences and then track your own smarts using the graphs in this free resource.

What newly discovered strengths will add to your planned adventures today?

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