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Surprisingly, human brains tend to outperform themselves in reverse, rather than in forward motion.  Comfortable  traditions or routines can cause your brain to default to ruts, that only reverse brainpower can surpass. How so?  

Let’s say you wake up out of sorts – discouraged about a hectic schedule or a disorganized workplace. Take an active step in the direction of meeting one target and your brain takes you further.  Or organize one area of your work space, and  your brain often responds with serotonin – the chemical for well-being. Seeing how to move opposite your problem?

People who make the mistake of lingering in discouraged thoughts – spin their mental wheels.  Since dark thoughts tend to come dosed in the perilous chemical – cortisol, can keep you down.

Haven’t run your brain in reverse for awhile?

Then try the following:

– Reverse your tone when the next conflict hits and watch your brain race to new results.

– Repeal a former fear into one risk you’ll take today and expect a mental thrill to follow.

– Reconsider an opposing view in exchange for a lifetime belief, and enjoy novelty on the other side.

– Revert to driving to work along back trails and rewire your brain‘s spatial intelligence for dynamic new perspectives.

Plasticity – or the brain’s practice of regenerating and rewiring itself with each change reverse in your day, also stagnates and atrophies when you slog along in rigid routines. If interested in how brain reconfiguration improves your opportunities, you’d enjoy Dr. Norman Doidge’s book, The Brain that Changes Itself.

Believe it our not, even healthy routines, after time, tend to work against human brainpower. Can you think of additional reverse routes that could yield new brainpower?

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7 thoughts on “Rev Brainpower in Reverse

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  3. Chris Crimmins

    I know it is a simple thing, but when I start to feel cluttered and dirty, I like to go wash and organize my truck. Nothing better than walking up to a clean vehicle, especially when it doubles as an office. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get me going. Thanks for helping me understand that motivation in my life.

    Chris Crimminss last blog post..pulled-forms.jpg

  4. eweber Post author

    Wow – Gary – you bring back very fond memories of China — where I worked with amazing leaders for six weeks recently! Chinese leaders also do regular exercise as a daily routine part of fitness – we all have so much to learn from one another!! Thanks for the wisdom of that reminder!

  5. GaryD

    Great post Ellen. Thanks for reminding me to be on the look out for old destructive habits (mental ruts). And to realize the benefit of doing things differently too. Walking backwards definitely fits your posts theme – and helps to build new neurons. I am sure you’ve seen folks doing it in parks in China like I have.

    GaryDs last blog post..Neuroscience For Kids

  6. eweber Post author

    How interesting Lucille, dreams have a wonderful place in the operations of the mind, and to do most anything backwards offers benefits to a brain’s plasticity. I’m often amazed how we slip into ruts and then add classical explanations such as “following traditions:-)” Have you seen it too?

  7. Lucille Zimmerman

    I believe dreams are important for understanding what’s happening in our sub-conscience. But often people don’t remember their dreams, in order to gain understanding in their lives. I’ve heard if you have just the last tidbit of a dream, you should try to remember it backwards.

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