Brains Offer Olive Branch to Enemies

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Have you every compared the differences between brains honed to disagree well, and those who generate cynicism when they differ. Contrast the difference between an olive branch offered to enemies, and a weapon poised for war? Cynicis criticized President Obama’s reach of peace to Chavez, while peacemakers saw an olive branch like a US charm’s reached out for global hope. What did you see?

Dr. David Adams, retired Yale researcher, helped create a global movement toward a culture of peace. Have Adams’ peace policies reduced violence or aggression where you work?

According to Dr. Adams, and brain facts about plasticity, peace is cultivated daily by people who peacefully solve ordinary dilemmas.  Harmony stands in calm opposition to the violence emphasized in the media and in our culture of warfare. Where do you stand when conflicts or stressors strike?

Peaceful cultures reflect brain based premise where:

Tactics exist to solve conflicts while at the same time promoting peace.

Tone skills become brainpowered tools most noticeably missing in acts of violence.

In each encounter with bullies lies a likely opportunity to promote winning peace.

Human minds are capable of creating peace in conflicts as well as warding off war.

You are likely wired more for war than peace – and you can change that reality

Thanks to newly discovered facts about the human brain’s plasticity, we now know how to rewire the human brain daily for a culture of peace with each peaceful act done. Will that discovery add peacemaking experiences to your day?

You may be interested in growing number of peaceful ventures:

Tamera Peace Research Center in Portugal where nearly 200 people from different countries come together to create a peace culture.

The US Association for the University for Peace, which offers an interactive web site to help empower global peace initiatives.

Reading list that promotes a culture for peace.

Living Faith Together offers a tool kit on inter-religious dialogue in youth work.

International Renewable Energy Agency in Germany to ensure renewable energy that builds further peace.

World Social Forum in Brazil – which brings people together in opposition to politics of domination, and to help protect the rain forest.

Commemorative Publication of the UNESCO Chair of Education for Peace at the University of Puerto Rico which contains 40 articles by 24 peacemakers in a university project.

Program of Socio-economic Training and Job Placement for Young Ex-soldiers in North Kivu which helps people to return to peaceful jobs in civilian life.

The Life-link website that works for peace in schools located in Arab countries.

Transcend International Peace Research Institute in Oslo, which works with peace scholars and practitioners

Additional Peace Movements and Global Sites that partner with others to promote peace across differences.

What global peace initiative or site would you add to this growing list?

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19 thoughts on “Brains Offer Olive Branch to Enemies

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  16. eweber Post author

    Thanks Mike, what fine wisdom, and as I read your thoughtful reflection I find myself wondering if some folks tend to come to conflicts in a combatant manner because they lack skills to offer peaceful solutions. What do you think?

  17. mike kirkeberg

    To paraphrase Sun Tzu, smart people win without fighting. Makes perfect sense. In Aikido, the battle is won by approaching the opponent, not by attacking. Smart brains know this even though it it sounterintuitive

  18. eweber Post author

    Eliana thanks for stopping by, and thanks also for your insights into the power of music and the possibility of lived peace!

    I often write on music and am thrilled to see your applications of music as it’s used to heal stress in the middle east.

    So glad you took the time to share! Stay blessed, Eliana!

  19. Eliana Gilad - Galilee, Holyland

    Great article. As a composer of healing music, an author and peace activist based in Galilee Holyland, I learn each and every day how to live in peace, by practicing it every day.

    Voices of Eden music project has been medically researched in an Israeli neonatal ward (50/50% Jewish-Arab population) and found to lower blood pressure, heart rate, increase focus and quality of sleep.

    The musicians of the project are Jewish, Christian and Moslem, a living example of peace in the middle east.

    THere is much good. Just doesn’t get communicated alot (which is why I am making a point to write).

    Keep going. Thanks alot,
    Eliana Gilad, Founder, Voices of Eden
    Ancient Healing & Transformational Music

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