Strike Back at Stress in Brain Based Guide!

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Feeling safe and stress-free today? Or do we find our moods in a funk because of all the restrictions imposed by this pandemic? Fear the uncertain future of our current financial downturns? If stress or anxiety holds us in its grip lately, we’re not alone. In generalized anxiety we may not even know its cause, yet whether specific or generalized stress is an intruder to be dispelled.

Inner kindness is the mind’s way of nudging your vision to see a better way. An equally important consideration is, what keeps you growing and developing the best of who you are? We know for instance, inner care can decrease fears, and help you build strengths that advance your best goals. Not that kinder innards guarantee endless ease without a few difficulties, or that inner care comes without action! Just the opposite.

Where to start building stress free ways forward?

Due to the ease of technology, and demands of the pandemic,  anxiety is being constantly hardwired into our mental and emotional radar through over-connectivity, and constant demands to multi-task.  In contrast, our stress-free health depends on spaces to think, dream, plan, and attempt innovative ways to grow.

The best time to build brain based tools as daily supports is now! And the best way to do this is to start small and enjoy the journey, wherever we can.

Once a enormous challenge or crisis strikes, it may be too late to nourish and adjust for better mental health. The stress hormone cortisol, which plays havoc with our brain can cause mental chaos and jumbled thinking, when we face extra stress triggers.  If we succumb to cortisol’s dangerous toxins we also shut down our ability to see or create a resilient or healthy way forward.

Here are a few ways to get started in small increments, in addition to normal best practices of exercising often and eating well. We do best to develop our brain’s mental sustainability and emotional resilience ahead of major mental challenges that impede our judgement, and sour our resolve.

  1. Go for 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily. (See pages 69 to 71) to ensure enough REM sleep.
  2. 2.Say clearly more of what we mean. (See pages 100 to 103) to alter meta messages.
  3. 3.Focus on valued goals rather than yield to multitasking that bottlenecks a brain.(P. 9 – 11)
  4. 4.Smile often and long before reasons for a smile even emerge. (See pages 128 – 130)
  5. 5.Deliberately develop an unfamiliar intelligence daily. (See pages 109 – 113)
  6. 6.Hang onto hope so that it hangs onto us when we most need it. ( See pages 190 – 195)

Set clear goals to design and enjoy healthy mental and emotional habits. The goal isn’t to avoid mental or emotional challenges, as that’s not realistic in the pandemic and economic difficulties we currently face.

However, if we’re mindful about avoiding stress and developing a healthier emotional way forward, we’ll start where we are, and enjoy one or two new approaches that ensure we end up in a better place with new resilience. Let us know how we can help you and your teams more, as you set up a way to facilitate discussions that start with two-footed questions here and the 50 mental and emotional tools that follow.

Launch 50 dinner dialogues (one per month) as we did, or engage these 50 question prompts and brain based discussions online. While there are hundreds of current brain facts embedded in these pages, lasting learning comes from sharing experiences and learning from practical applications we try and others make along the way.

What one thing would you change first to navigate a winning adventure during a global pandemic?

It’s believed that anxiety disorders will be our next and most dangerous pandemic! Strike back at stress with 50 anxiety-reducing tools when feeling swamped by tsunami level waves of anxiety, panic and fears for the future.

Why do so many life-changing improvements get stomped out at their inception? Teachers, mentors and leaders too often lack tangible supports and encouragement to simply survive the storms we’re currently facing. Could it be we fail to apply vital principals of making change work well?

Create conversations about the brain’s ability to load and lock in change that works!

What if we took these 50 new neural discoveries and honed practical tools to live anxiety free in spite of challenging times? One reflective question, a practical tactic, support and brain based encouragement to rewire without anxiety each day! That’s the goal of my exciting new Mental and Emotional Handbook promised and now here with its 50 -Day – Guide. Find fun daily Brain Based Tools that reduce anxiety and awaken awe in these uncertain days. Yes, we can move mentally and emotionally from fear to freedom and we can overcome in a pandemic! Discover how so in this 242 page handbook now located at this site

Enjoy the journey away from cranky responses, panicked paybacks and crabby stressors. Instead walk away confidently, from chaos and confusion into a refreshing emotional calm. Apply tools to build emotional stamina in difficult times, with a few tweaks to our mental capabilities.

Find 50 fun tools that rewire cranky into kind, and gunner into giver!

Our brains constantly forge tenacious links with life situations so that we connect tangibly to wire us for either healthy or toxic forces. Using tool 2 we discover how mental and emotional links inadvertently can lock us into toxic images. We see how fear takes hold so that we can open floodgates into anxiety when life tosses a curve ball.

The brain stores dangerous anxiety-building triggers whenever we fail communication opportunities, and for many of us during restrictions imposed by a serious pandemic, that occurs daily. Toxins such as fear prevent awesome relationships and fun adventures our brains can offer us if we make a few essential tweaks to our own and others’ stress free mental tools.

What if we could transform fear into freedom and what if we could reduce emotional and mental toxins as we increase hope and add stress-free fun?

Daily question prompts can guide help us to identify a specific anxiety source, and that sets the stage to rewire our brains for change. Brain based tools offer chemical and electrical supports to replace dangerous stress toxins. We can help shape these easy-to-apply anxiety reduction tools. Actively address any anxiety-related-situation, and apply daily tools from 50 prompts provided. Enjoy tangible anxiety reduction outcomes! Move emotions from fear to freedom and watch moods and motives improve!

Worksheets are included in this handbook to help us shape easy-to-apply tools. We actively engage with materials to address any anxiety-related-situation, and to apply each tool for visible tangible anxiety reduction outcomes! Move emotions from fear to freedom and watch moods and motives improve!

Until we apply new insights brains default back to stress and anxiety

50-DAY BRAIN GUIDE NOW available at this site fosters golf games without stress toxins and meetings that prosper participants. Brains come to every golf game and every meeting wired to fail and falter, or wired to prosper! Why benefit only a few when many could sidestep stress and enjoy wonder!

YOUR TURN! Join our Brain Based Circles! Would love to meet you at any of the following!

TpT Brain Based Resources – accomplish things never before accomplished by using parts of the brain never before used!

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