New Run at Old Runways: Space for Renewal

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In Rochester, New York, where I work – we’re ripe for a new run at old runways, the kind that Captain Sully grew ready for before a crisis changed his flight. Been there?

That touchdown where carriers cruise into place,  brimming over in lessons learned from former mistakes  Рand refueled by sheer curiosity. That landing where fresh ideas replace rusted ruts. Does that describe your workplace? Your brain?

Microsoft previews mind-bending inventions that promise to jettison folks into the next few years’ learning and leading adventures. Ready for transformation?

Your brain’s equipped for dynamic change, with a wee bit of help from you. Agree?

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8 thoughts on “New Run at Old Runways: Space for Renewal

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  7. eweber Post author

    Michael, would you see a shift in positions so that experts become more mentors than mere dispensers of facts. With the many new facts flying in at unprecedented rates, it seems we need even more experts than ever.

    More importantly, we teach, support and encourage others to find, use and discern that new information. A highly different task is needed to teach for empowerment.

    Maybe that why Wm Yeats said learning is not the filling of pails but it is the lighting of fires. Agree?

  8. michael cardus

    As I watched this I kept having Orwellian dreams of a Brave New World.
    With this overwhelming amount of knowledge at all of our fingertips where will that leave education?

    Perhaps I am trapped in my view that we need those who have specialized information and the ability to inspire desire and learning to those who do not have this specialized knowledge.

    michael carduss last blog post..TeamBuilding for Youth and Youth Leadership Program

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