Steven Wiltshire’s Spatial Intelligence and Yours

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Incredible news comes daily about the power of a human brain – fully engaged. Check out Steven Wiltshire’s spatial intelligence to see what a savant’s brainpower can add to your own abilities.

In spite of Stephen’s autism, and the fact that his brain wires differently, he inspires the world by using mind-bending capabilities that mystify even the experts. Would you agree that Steven’s lesson and his spatial intelligence reaches well beyond people with savant syndrome? It compels us all to reach deeper, expect more, and encourage unique mental potential from all.

Research shows wonderful ways we can each rewire plasticity for higher intelligence daily. More brainpower comes embedded in each activity we undertake. Simply put, you or I may not be able to spatially replicate 5.5 near perfect yards of a city on paper, but we can step past our own shortcomings today, and rewire for challenges that seemed impossible in past.

The video challenges every individual and community, as I see it. : Would encouraging all people’s unique capability, for instance,  build communities where diversity is valued? Bored teens who listen daily to lame lectures or drop out? University students caught in politics or bureaucracy where they’d hope to find challenge and a sense of purpose? Employees who feel ridiculed for differences they offer? People who get weighted down from past mistakes and fail to see a future? What could Steven Wiltshire and this multiple intelligence survey teach you about brainpower that stays active and alive with use?

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